Start a business, tell the world about it. Start-Up Chile entrepreneurs in the press!


Start-Up Chile and AngeHack bring you DemoBattles! The very best Start-Up Chile talent will battle against AngelHack talent for a shot in Miami!  Join us for 3 amazing days which will for sure boost your creativity to welcome 2014 with the right foot. Read more about it at El Otro Mate, Nació, Extend, PulsoTransMedia, Mundo En Línea,  EducamericasCity and Diario Estrategia

Wehostels got aquired by Student Universe! We are extremely proud and happy to see all those years of hard work turn into great things. Read about it at El Mercurio, Oh My Geek Pulso Social and FayerWayer

Nubelo got a nice feature at Diario Financiero. Do you like to freelance? Make sure to check out Nubelo!

Uniplaces got funding from Zoopla’s founder, Alex Chesterman. Read more, here! 

Where in Fair is getting a lot of attention in the Italian press! Read about them at Corriere Della Sierra, Italian Valley.Wired,

The competition “Aprendo Emprendo” got a mention at El Mercurio. Young students Francisca and Camilo get to travel to Silicon Valley and visit the HQ of the biggest tech companies out there.

The Economic Times in India wrote about Indian startups around the globe, and they made sure to include the founders at Start-Up Chile. Check out the piece, here!

WhereInFair got accepted at Start-Up Chile recently, and is already making headlines! keeps making headlines, this time telling you how much can you save by becoming a user!

The Next Web included Start-Up Chile’s DemoDay with Start-Up Brazil in their round-up of everything you should keep an eye on during October. They mention how both programs are “in very good terms” and how the event is a “very encouraging sign” for LatAm’s ecosystem. Check it out, here!

Diario Pulso wrote about startups improving health. Its great to see that there are more and more startups in Santiago devoting their talent to disrupt the way we take care of our health! You can check it out, here!

Start-Up Chile keeps getting attention in Spain! Fusión (Abc-Univisión) claps at the Start-Up Chile initiative, too. And because there is no harm in copying or getting inspired by existing great things, Peru has launched its own version of Start-Up Chile, after a close look at what we have been doing. Kuddos, Peru!

Did you hear? Start-Up Chile and AngelHack will get their very best startups on stage. Then, let the best one win! Check out more info here