Staff Picks: Sergio Montero, Portfolio Manager Start-Up Chile


Let us introduce to Sergio, our Portfolio Manager, he is in charge of all the data of Start-Up Chile. If you need any statistics or numbers about the Program or our startups, he is the guy. But Sergio is more than just analytics: He enjoys playing volleyball, watching movies like Cidade de Deus and reading about entrepreneurship.

In that matter, Sergio recommends “Disciplined Entrepreneurship: 24 Steps to a Successful Startup” by Bill Aulet. “This book develops the theory that anyone can become an entrepreneur without being born as one because creating a startup is not just about having ideas or an entrepreneurial attitude: Creating a startup is a discipline”, Sergio stated.

This methodology can be related to our work here in Start-Up Chile. “SUP teaches that discipline. It includes, for instance, organizing yourself, not fighting with your associates. SUP also supports you financially and helps you analyze the monetary situation. You will face obstacles on your journey creating a startup. With discipline, you can avoid these obstacles before going to the market”.

About discovering this book, Sergio points out: “I knew about it before I entered to Start-up Chile, when I was working in Fundación Chile, especially when I came to visit Arica. They worked for an organization called Waki Labs, they had technology products and they were empowering the hub of the region. They really liked it because it gave a structure of the form of the thinking of an entrepreneur“.

And “Disciplined Entrepreneurship: 24 Steps to a Successful Startup” is not just for the entrepreneurs, “it’s for the individuals who want to become entrepreneurs, you have to understand everything before entering the market. Sometimes entrepreneurs have good ideas but you never know if it will be successful. You have to respond to all those questions before. What this book states is that it is not necessarily that you have a good speech or an extrovert but people who want to have order and understand all the key issues“.