Staff Picks: Camila Postigo, CMO


Meet Camila Postigo, our CMO in Start-Up Chile: She is in charge of the whole Marketing, Communication, and Community area. She is also our spoke person about the tech gender gap and female entrepreneurship, Besides her awesome job in SUP, Camila has a soft spot for animals, especially if we talk about her beloved dog Hugo ?.

She recommends us the book “The Third Wave, the vision of an entrepreneur towards the future” because it highlights milestones from the past that lead us to analyze what the major landmark is and the path that comes to the future.

If we say the future, how far are we talking about? “The book talks about everything that we are experiencing today, how technology and innovation are key to defining the new guidelines and leadership worldwide. Can you imagine a future away from technology? Not at all! We must know and understand what it means and why it is so important to incorporate it into all aspects of life and invite us to think innovatively. Technology is generating structural changes in the economy and in the world, and this is a good read to understand how this has been achieved and what we could expect from the future“.

You can buy this book here