Staff Picks: Javiera Araneda, Impact & Networks Executive


It’s another time to meet our amazing staff, today is the turn of Javiera Araneda. If you don’t know her, She matches corporate needs with startup solutions, She is also in charge of managing the Corporate Network & National Partners.

Javi really LOVES coffee (seriously, She’s an addict), She’s a true fan of Friends (She is so Monica) and She’s a lawyer, but she’s real passion is the entrepreneurial world.

In that mather, she recommends “Unleashing the Innovators”. These are what Javiera said about that book “For all, you B2Bs out there! “Unleashing the Innovators: How Mature Companies Find New Life with Startups” is an amazing book by Jim Stengel, former global marketing officer for Procter & Gamble, where he shows us how big companies such as GE, IBM and Toyota are finding new ways to reignite their entrepreneurial DNA and jump start revenues, through their alliances with entrepreneurs. Whether you see big companies as customers or strategic partners, this book helps you understand their mindset, speak their language and see, from their eyes, what is the value of company-startup collaboration“.

If you are interested in the book, you can purchase the book here