SQMOS, Agent Piggy, Ability Win Movistar Innova Incubation

Projects & Participants

Three of the four selected startups as part of the Movistar Innova Incubator are Start-Up Chile participants who, as part of our First Generation, will shortly graduate from our program. Out of over 500 applicants, SQMOS from Guatemala, Agent Piggy from Argentina/Ecuador, and Ability from India (pictured) will be the startups that will begin their incubation in 2012, joined by the fourth winner, iMetrix.

The benefits of being incubated include access to over 90 mentors and to the more than 10 million customers Movistar has in Chile, and the 290 million customers it has spanning 26 countries.

As a result of the five rounds of incubation that Movistar Innova has realized, their selected startups have raised $1m in private capital and have generated seven billing companies in Chile and two in Silicon Valley. With 14 projects in the pipeline and more than 30 entrepreneurs under their wing, the incubator is growing to be a large contender in the Chilean funding scene.

Here, a short description of each of our winning participants:

This project, lead by Javier Gramajo, is a recommendation system based on Semantic Web contexts for mobile devices that helps users find recreation based on their social profile, resources, and location.

Agent Piggy
Based on the traditional concept of “allowance,” Pablo Ambram, built this company to teach finance to children, incorporating a specially designed educational plan with the help of international foundations.

Bipin Agravat, an entrepreneur from India, created this platform that facilitates communication and inclusion of users with visual, hearing, and voice impairments, providing the option to transcribe your voice messages or gestural communications.

Bipin Wins Movistar Innova Incubation