Speaking Your Users’ Language– Wedoist Launches in Spanish

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Founded by Amir Salihefendic, an established entrepreneur who arrived to Start-Up Chile as part of the 1st Generation, Wedoist, as of this week, has launched in Spanish. The company is a project management platform that allows the user to assign tasks, manage files, meet deadlines, share status updates, comment on just about anything, chat in real time with their team, and more.

In the short time it has been live, Wedoist already boasts thousands of followers and offers exclusive traits like SSL encryption for security and privacy, and daily backups of all the users’ data stored on 3 different data centers. And, now, the services are bilingual having been translated into Spanish (and soon to be in Portugese, Chinese, and Japanese).

“Wedoist is currently used by people in 128 countries, where only a few of these countries have English as their native language. Brazil is in our top 3 country and it signifies the importance of supporting Latin America – Wedoist is currently being translated to Brazilian Portugese,” comments Amir.

As the founder of Plurk.com, one of the most prolific social networks in Asia, Amir has learned many a lesson when it comes to linguistic diversification saying that “initially we targeted the North American market, but we never grew in North America and at some point we translated our social network to Chinese, Indonesian, and Philippines (among 30 other languages). Due to our translations we found our market in Asia-Pacific– where the network currently has over 5 million users.”

Concluding with his words of wisdom, he adds: “the bottom line is this: speaking your user’s native languages is the easiest way to open markets– even markets that are thousands of kilometers away from you.”

Wedoist en Español