Spanish Entrepreneur Facilitates Multi-Thousand Euro Accord with Chilean Universities

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As one of the few female Start-Up Chile entrepreneurs, Lucía Iborra has traveled Chile from Atacama to Patagonia, inciting entrepreneurial spirit in young schoolchildren and creating ties between her home country, Spain, and her temporary home, Chile. Most notably, she has just coordinated the signing of a collaborative initiative between the Universities of Concepción and Bío-Bío (both in the South of Chile) and the Instituto de Ingeniería Energética de la Universidad Politécnica de Valencia (the Energy Engineering Institute of the Polytechnic University of Valencia).

The accord will be constituted in two phases: during the first, a pre-study will be conducted to define early-stage educational research initiatives and will finance meetings in both Chile and Spain in order to define concrete actions and specific steps that the Universities will take together. The Polytechnic University of Valencia (UPV) has committed a €20,000 fund to complete these tasks. Depending on the results of the first phase, the second will be carried out with a €400,000 budget, contributed by the PUV during the 2013-2015 school years, focusing on innovation and research within various departments in the Chilean Universities.

Lucia Iborra

Lucía comments with pride and contentedness that “[she] has brought to the Bío-Bío Region a project of 100% Spanish money in which the UPV has chosen to help Chilean Universities improve their alternative energy research facilities where they’ll construct a laboratory to carry-out the research that will amount to €400,000 in three years.” The university is embarking on a quest to transfer knowledge and implement their researched and developed energy efficiency results in other Iberoamerican zones around the world.

The CEO of Visual Nacert, she has been heavily involved in the Spanish entrepreneurship ecosystem having been a member of the Chamber of Commerce of Valencia and recognized with the Nova Award for Female Entrepreneurship in 2002.