Some End of Generation 7 Thoughts


The following thoughts are those of Morgan from Gift Pinpoint (7.2) and are not representative of anyone else from Startup Chile.


As Generation 7 comes to a close and we begin singing Auld Lang Syne, this particular SUPper has a couple of thoughts:

– Time flies, tempus fugit. But we knew that already.

– I won the award, at our Generation’s closing awards ceremony, for the “Best Advice-Giver.” But 95% of people to whom I give advice just ignore it–and then they fail in achieving their goals. Therefore, I think I am too promiscuous with my advice and ought to only help out the 5% who are very serious about it!

– It’s quite obvious, from the first moment, which companies will succeed more and which ones will succeed less: my initial predictions turned out to be correct. It’s clear who is focused on building a company and who is focused on hanging out, just by talking to them for 5 minutes (are they talking constantly about their next vacation, or their next user acquisition strategy?).

– To a surprisingly large degree, the best companies are already making money. So, “how much money are you making now?” correlates strongly with how strong their business plan is — and how strong the team is. Note that correlation is not causation, as the classic fact that “cities with more priests have more drunkards” show us (because both cities have more people!). This was a surprise to me, because I expect lots of great but unprofitable ideas to be floating around; when it turns out, there are some great people who have already figured out how to make money, and then other less-great people who haven’t-yet figured out how to make money. And it is the great people on whom I want to bet.

– It’s not obvious at all, whom I would or wouldn’t become friends with. The people I hung out a lot with, in the beginning, spread out and we largely lost touch during SUP. The people from the program I spend the most time with now, I didn’t even know in the beginning! Feels a bit like university.

– The most valuable advice I got from others at SUP wasn’t the big stuff, but the little stuff. AMT and Team Shutter made some great super minor recommendations that I have been following since and that have certainly been helpful. Note to self: Must buy him a drink!

– I happen to know people in Generation 2, Generation 5 , Generation 7Generation 8 and Generation 9, and… each generation is stronger than the previous one. At least with my very limited and not-statistically-valid sample size.

– You can invest your time in trying to get clients and make money; or you can invest your time in some excuse, and thus not make money (common excuses include, paperwork, applications to try to get other people to give you free or almost-free money, or socialization). But you can’t do both.

– At first, I thought I loved Lastarria. But it actually turns out that, I love Las Condes.