Some about the new suppers, in the eyes of one of the experienced suppers!


With this post, we are introducing you to a new era. An era in which you´ll get to hear about Start-Up Chile directly form their rockstars: the Start-Up Chile entrepreneurs. We want you to know it all: learn everything about the program, inside out; learn specific things that will make your startup grow faster, and learn how to build a new future for yourself. We want you to live up to your full potential. We want you to join the entrepreneurial revolution. We want you to become a #supper!

Here is Ian Ozsvald, from StrongSteam, telling you all about those who just got here: suppers belonging to Start-Up Chile´s fourth generation. You can read more from Ian following his blog, Entrepreneurial Geekiness , or you can follow him on Twitter.


Round 4.1 Demo Morning at StartupChile

(By Ian Ozsvald, from StrongSteam, who originally posted this piece at Entrepreneurial Geekiness)

I’m sitting here in the Demo Morning for the newly arrived Round 4.1 (4.2 turns up in a few weeks). Here’s a list of the pitches with my (probably too) short descriptions. The Round 5 applications are open, I think applications close this weekend (there’s a long and recent discussion here about the pros and cons of the programme – read all the comments for a fair overview).

There’s far fewer travel/social networks than in our Round 2.1 (from 5 months back) and several are using new fangled high tech tools like face detection and data mining. These companies are looking stronger than those of earlier Rounds:

  • ComparaTeVe TV engagement and metrics
  • FoodKhoj group food ordering at universities (for wider choice and greater delivery distances)
  • AdviceMeCosmetics cosmetics recommendation site, has some nice face detection-based tools
  • GrindSmart mining technologies
  • OneSeed micro-finance for small scale entrepreneurship
  • Nowlr Web 2.0 trend spotting
  • Alodok doctor/patient network
  • FaceAlert Face detection tools for kids social networks with NLP for e.g. bullying detection
  • NetNUI target market analysis (surveys?)
  • BioParaiso bio-focused incubator based at Valparaiso
  • RetailPro business intelligence for Web2.0 companies (I think just web-based companies)
  • PhageTech microbiological control
  • ‘the mercadolibre/ebay of education’ (Spanish)
  • Flipxing GMaps based barter network
  • TuCreaz  etsy-like hand made product site
  • an online presentation tool, turning into a goal/habbit setting app
  • BuscoTurno healthcare apointment booking system
  • OnLinner geolocalized games challenge
  • Alefant kids education site
  • Taumatropo not sure (kids education game maker?)
  • Minka not sure (upcycling and recycling fabric?)
  • TuCloset Chilean clothing sharing site for women
  • FlapShare not sure (crowdfunding?)

Ian applies Artificial Intelligence as an Artificial Intelligence Researcher for companies (Mor Consulting), co-founded the StrongSteam A.I. datamining toolkit, co-authored SocialTies, programs Python, writes The Screencasting Handbook and is also a sea-side dweller and consumer of fine coffees.