Social Innovation Weekend is coming! December 13 & 14


Have you heard the buzz around Social Enterprise and Social Entrepreneurship?  Are you looking to learn how to increase the financial self-sustainability of your nonprofit or NGO?  Do you have a social change idea that you want to explore further?  Then you can’t miss Santiago’s first Social Innovation Weekend!

This event open to anyone interested in exploring social enterprise.  Students, individuals and those working in nonprofits and NGO’s are all welcome to attend.

Social Innovation Weekend will inspire participants to imagine how they can transform their community for the better with the help of social enterprise revenue generation strategies.  Participants will be invited to present a short “pitch” to the group explaining their nonprofit/NGO mission, or the type of social change project they would like to explore in detail.  Then, teams will form around the most intriguing ideas, which will be worked on over the course of the weekend.

Throughout the weekend, participants will hear from those working in the field to learn about the typical social enterprise business models, how to apply design thinking and prototyping, and how to create a social business model canvas.  With these tools, groups will develop a robust social enterprise plan for their social change ideas to be presented to our judges for feedback.

Social Innovation Weekend promises to be a dynamic learning event where you can build meaningful connections with like-minded people in your community and develop the social enterprise ideas that have been on your mind.

For more information and to register visit:

The event is possible with thanks to the following speakers, mentors, judges and sponsors:


  • Tara Roberts, Girl Tank
  • Faiza Haiji, eBatuta
  • Sergio Marerro
  • Leonello Bertini Chiriboga, SEEN & Co Creation Labs
  • Isabel Margarita Nuñez Carbullanca, SEEN & Co Creation Labs