Slovak President Andrej Kiska: “Start-Up Chile has become the most successful startup project in Latam”

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The President of Slovak Republic visited Start-Up Chile Cowork space to learn more about our programs.

Last Monday August 1st, our cowork space was full of cops (Carabineros) checking every corner of the building. Everything had to be safe for the official visit of the Slovak Republic government, led by their President Andrej Kiska.

eslovaquia-7The mission, with about 30 people, heard carefully to our executive Director Rocio Fonseca during her 40 minutes presentation. She talked about Start-Up Chile and how this program is helping to change the entrepreneurial mindset in Chile and also creating an economical impact thanks to the startups growing in our country. “Start-Up Chile is an open source. We are willing to share our knowledge with all the countries looking to boost entrepreneurs and startups. We have done this with many countries, because we believe that the world need more programs like this, to support all the people in their ventures”, she said.

The President of Slovak Republic was impressed with the results of the program. Also he took time eslovaquia-5to talk with a couple of the entrepreneurs that were working during the visit. “In our country we speak a lot about support for innovations, start-ups, the business environment. With no big budget of 10 million US dollars (€8.96 million), Start-Up Chile in the five years of its existence has become absolutely the most successful start-up project in South America, and it’s in the world’s top ten. It’s a project that deserves attention,” said the President in an interview for News Now.