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SCALE is a follow-on fund that offers 60 Million Chilean pesos to Chilean companies that need the extra capital to grow in Chile and expand to the rest of Latin America and the world. The money will be given through a co-financed grant in which Start-Up Chile will put up to CLP 60M, corresponding to 70% of the fund; the recipients of this grant must put up the remaining 30%.


The fourth generation of Start-Up Chile SCALE is ready to roll. Sixteen companies that went through the Start-Up Chile program (and others from CORFO) will stay in Chile for a full year to keep growing their businesses. All this companies have a legal presence in Chile (incorporated company or a legal subsidiary that includes a legal representative).

The program is equity free, but the founders must work as a Start-Up Chile TSF mentor during a year, to help improve the entrepreneurial ecosystem. During this period founders will have full access to Start-Up Chile resources (workspace, mentors, perks, etc.).


Here are the companies that will start growing from Chile to LATAM and then to the rest of the world!


  • Karun: High quality sunglasses made with recycled fishing nets & from Patagonia’s native wood, silver, salmon leather and Carl Zeiss lenses.


  • Teart: Internationally patented tea infuser made of synthetic paper that contains no adhesives, inks or additives that alter the taste and aroma. Intended to be the new standard for tea consumption on the move.


  • HelloWine: Selected wine monthly subscription as a B2C model. Consumer Feedback and consumer behavior data as a B2B model.


  • PagoRanking: B2B Subscription Digital marketing & SEO services.


  • DART: Technology innovation for early diagnosis of diabetic retinopathy


  • The Not Company (NotCo): Artificial intelligence model, programmed to become the smartest Food Scientist on earth. Giuseppe (their AI) is set to enhance nutrition availability while taking care of the environment. Giuseppe determines the perfect recipe to produce milk, cheese, meat or any other animal produce from just vegetables.


  • Lodo Energy: Lodo transforms biomass debris into electrical energy through low scale bioreactors.


  • Alma Suite: ALMA is a private social network that enables people to work together and coordinate better, managing to be more aligned and increase productivity.


  • Instacrops: IoT Comprehensive network monitoring to alert agro-climatic parameters as frost events, manage irrigation and all agricultural applications.


  • EVoting: Electronic voting certified technology that allows different types of elections, from government to private institutions.


  • Teamcore: TeamCore is a web/mobile platform that streamlines the communication for teams in the field with its headquarters, management offices and commercial positions.


  • Trade Media: Screen network manager for retail, events and such, with just a few clicks.


  • AMBERADS: Amberads provides technology services for improve installs, retargeting and ROI of mobile applications.


  • OOH is a marketplace for the physical world of advertising, leveraging the unused capacity of the market.


  • Boost: SASS for evaluation of professional training inside businesses.


  • Cranberry Chic: Fashicon e-commerce social network for young women.