Simplycit Offers $10-50k of Funding for Startups

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“We expected that Start-Up Chile would arrive with innovate ideas and solutions based on multi-platform technologies and they definitely did,” said Francisco Ortuzar, the CEO of Simplycit., Aventones, Ateneo Digital, and‘s CEOs pitched in front of the entire Board of Directors that heads Simplycit– the organization will choose two of the startups for a medium-term investment. Ortuzar adds: “Our investment will be related to the project’s potential contribution within our company, but varies between USD$10 and $50k.” The capital is in exchange for 3-6% of the company.

The selected entrepreneurs will have open doors to Simplycit’s various channels, will be invited give presentations to the company’s clients, and will be provided with work space and trade agreements on future projects.

Cristina Palacios, the CEO of Aventones, left the pitch session saying, “I think they can be a great strategic partner for ideas. They have broad business knowledge and can definitely help us in the process of opening operations in Chile.” “The event was very interesting and productive. It was a phenomenal chance to go out and put in practice our pitches,” explained Miguel Molina, Ateneo Digital’s CEO.

Next week, Simplycit will announce the two winners– stay tuned!

Simplycit Meetup