Sharing who we are, what we do, what we know: SUPpers in the press this week


Part of the entrepreneurial bug is the willingness to share what you know, share your experience, collaborate with your peers. There is space for everyone in the startup world. Suppers are decided to share with you what they know about setting up a business AND -wait for it- they´ll be doing that in multiple languages. F-YEAH for diversity!

Last week, we told you about the team behind Arden Reed posting about their Kickstarter experience on Forbes. Well, Carlos thought that the Chilean startup scene could benefit from a few tips on how to launch crowdfunding campaigns, so they published what they know at Betazeta. Read about it, HERE (August 14th)

Nathan Lustig, founder at Entrustet, did an awesome job reporting about the Pilot Generation of suppers, a group he was part of as well. His research speaks volumes about SUP´s impact in Chile. We will do similar research with all the generations of suppers: thank you Nathan for putting this together! Nathan´s research was published at Diario Pulso and you can read about it HERE (August 20th)

LocalGuiding is making noise in German! Read about them HERE! (August 16th)

Paolo Privitera, founder behind Pick1, was interviewed by Toscana Lab! Watch the video HERE and by the end of the post!

We are really excited to know that friends behind have now a new, different media outlet to promote entrepreneurship and startups. It is named “Diario Emprendimiento” and they published a story about the Demo Day Preview taking place on August 16th. Love to see media evolving: it´s in sync with our Lean Startup mindset. Read the piece about Demo Day HERE (August 12th) got featured at LUN. Kuddos for the team building such a great platform for to express all our creativity on a shirt. Read about this amazing team HERE (August 16th)

Gestió is excited to know that the Peruvian team behind is about to launch in both Chile and Colombia. We are excited as well, this is great news for the team! Read about their plans to expand HERE (August 16th)

*Pic from  prolix6x, Flickr (cc)