Share your story! Start-Up Chile entrepreneurs as seen on the press


A new application process is open! There is quite a buzz about it already and we hope it just grows! El Mercurio, Pulso Social, La NaciónAndesBeat, Innovació, and Red Mi Voz are publishing about it! Forbes Romania got excited about SUPBoat and run a story, we hope to get tons of applicants from over there!

Supper Simon Schuetz began his kickstarter campaign to put the awesome back in maps, and El Mercurio noticed what a creative project this is and featured him. Read the piece here and make sure to spread the word!

Great Facebook speakers came over last week to host “Mobile Dev Con”, a conference on mobile development organized entirely by suppers. It was a great event, and LUN interviewed Luz Caballero. Its a really fun piece, make sure to check it out here.

Ajay Pal Singh and Second Light got featured on Tech Cocktail! Josefina Correa, founder at Let’s Jock, is getting press love from El País online!

El País, the biggest and most influential newspaper in Spanish in the world, published a piece about Start-Up Chile. It welcomes everyone to the “Chilecon Valley”. Now that our 8th application process is open, we hope the piece inspires lots of folks to apply from Spain! Read it, here.

The Gigabot, the large 3D printer by RE:3D got featured on FayerWayer. There’s video!

Start-Up Chile got featured on Young Entrepreneur! The piece explains how is Start-Up Chile designed to support global entrepreneurs with funding, visa, and office space, while they help us transform Chilean’s mindsets so they jump and join the entrepreneurial revolution. Read the piece, here!

Start-Up Brazil launched and it didn´t go unnoticed for the Brazilean press. We are getting lots of inquiries about Start-Up Chile, Start-Up Brazil, and how could be collaborate. Go to page 93 on this issue of and read about “The battle for startups” that isn’t a real battle, but more of a bunch of gladiators convincing local authorities around LatAm that they should make startups a priority.