Seed | Start-Up Chile opens applications for global founders


Global startup founders will be able to apply for Start-Up Chile Seed between July 17th and September 4th, 2018. Those who want to participate to scale their businesses and enter into the Latin American market, should go to and apply according to the terms and conditions.

The selected entrepreneurs will obtain an equity free fund of 25 million pesos (USD $40,000 app.), a workspace and an acceleration process to grow their business, among other benefits.

Startups from any country around the globe may apply to be part of one of the largest entrepreneurship communities in the world, from July 17th until September 4th, 2018.

In addition to the equity free fund of 25 million pesos (USD $ 40,000 app), once within the program, they can opt for an additional financing of another 25 million pesos, money that seeks to help them in the second stage of expansion.

The acceleration program lasts for 7 months, a period during which entrepreneurs can share with other companies of more than 83 countries. The selected businesses will receive, apart from the fund, a complete process of acceleration, which includes mentoring, pitch training and workshops among other activities. In addition, all foreigners will receive a work visa for one year, so they can grow their business from our country.

“In Start-Up Chile we are constantly looking for global entrepreneurs, who want to grow and scale their business from our country, to Latin America and the world. Through the work we do in our acceleration program with our partners, our networks, and alumni, we help startups to scale to other markets “, comments Sebastián Díaz, Executive Director (S).

As requirements to apply, the startup cannot be more than 3 years old, the founder must have 100% dedication to the business and have a functional product and early validation. In addition, the startup must have a global perspective, with a clear expansion strategy.

To apply, those interested should go to the Start-Up Chile website The application form lasts approximately 45 minutes and all questions and doubts can be answered through the FAQs.

Information for entrepreneurs

On July 24th at 2:00 p.m. (Chilean time) a Facebook Live will be held, so that all interested applicants can answer their questions directly with the Start-Up Chile team. It will explain step by step how to answer the form, along with answers to frequently asked questions.

The projects will be reviewed by experts in innovation, investors, and entrepreneurs, as well as a Subcommittee for Entrepreneurship in Corfo. The results of this application will be published on Friday, November 30th, 2018, after 5:00 pm (Chilean time).