Seed G18 Results | Start-Up Chile will invest US$ 3M in 100 new startups

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In its 18th generation of startups, the accelerator will finance 100 new companies, both Chilean and foreign and mostly startups that focus their business on products or services for companies.

A new generation of entrepreneurs was selected for the 18th batch of Start-Up Chile´s Seed program. One hundred prototype-phase projects will arrive to Chile in July to develop their businesses in the public accelerator.

Each of these entrepreneurs will be awarded 30,000 USD + a work visa for a year and will be part of a process of acceleration and mentoring.

The selected businesses are mostly Chilean (42.7%) followed by startups from the US (14%), India and Argentina (6.7%). 7.2% of the entrepreneurs of this generation are Europeans mainly from the UK and France.

The most represented industries in this generation are Information and Communication Technologies (26%) together with education (12%) and health (11%).

Seed program Gen 18: Industries

In this opportunity, the companies with a B2B business model (Business to Business) stand out with 70% of the selected enterprises followed by B2C (Business to Consumer) businesses. This can be explained by the openness that Chilean companies have had in the national market to welcome solutions from startups and also the incentives made by the Chilean State, such as the recently launched “Innovation Acceleration Voucher”, an instrument for financing business innovation which seeks to encourage the interaction of large companies with smaller ones or startups, to solve productivity or competitiveness challenges.

Seed program Gen 18: Business model

In addition, these startups will have the opportunity to sell their products to the corporate network of Start-Up Chile, which already has more than 110 members.

“We see that Chile strongly attracts entrepreneurs who are looking to work and offer IT services, software and financial services to our local companies, so our call is for companies to open their doors to startups and to work with them “, says Rocío Fonseca, Executive Director at Start-Up Chile.

The selected entrepreneurs must live in Chile for at least 6 months and must help with the development of the Chilean entrepreneurial ecosystem through social impact (workshops, classes, and events in universities related to entrepreneurship).

The selected startups  will have the opportunity to continue applying for the other programs offered by Start-Up Chile such as SCALE, where companies with significant traction and that are generating revenue and seeking to expand to Latin America and the world can apply and receive 90,000 USD extra to grow from Chile to the world.

The upcoming applications for Start-Up Chile Seed Generation 19 will be open from July 18th to September 5th.

Here are the winners


Ray IoT Solutions, Inc: Babies have to wear chest bands or doctors put their hands on the baby’s chest to track respiration rate. We believe that no electronic equipmnt should be put on the baby’s body. We track respiration rate to an accuracy of 98%. Non-contact sleep and wellness tracker for babies.

IntubApp: IntubApp is a new type of videolaryngoscopy: a tool that can make airway management, a difficult procedure that requires high level skills without the appropriate tools, into a safer simpler one. IntubApp separates itself from competitors by being affordable, mobile and easier to learn and to use.

Spectro Spectro is a Retail Intelligence platform that uses Small Sensors and Big Data to help Malls & Stores optimize operations, increase profitability & improve shopper experience. Our dashboard, alerts & reports provide metrics, analytics, actionable insights and recommendations to help management teams better understand their shoppers and drive business.

Music Ecademy: Music Ecademy is an online application that teaches music theory and aural
training in a fun and engaging way through a variety of lessons, quizzes and games. For teachers we provide easy classroom management and progress tracking.

ImmunifyMe: ImmunifyMe is a cloud based eco-system which leverages technology for vaccination and immunization monitoring and eliminates manual intervention in record keeping.

Wenu Work: Wenu develops sustainability solutions based on IoT, allowing households and organizations from any industry to bring sustainability principles into every people’s lives. Our star service consists in monitoring in real time the energy consumption, so that companies can diminish not only their energy expenses, but also, their carbon footprint.

Blended: With more than 200.000 active users in Argentina, Blended is a simple app that helps schools build stronger relationships with students and parents. It provides schools with a safe communication platform that encourages student participation and engages parents beyond the classroom.

BioMD Genetics Inc.: BioMD Genetics’ state-of-the-art DNA data computation platform processes
human DNA data generating meaningful information for stakeholders such as physicians, patients, and healthy people. The technology is precisely customized for people of ethnic admixture in Latin America.

Facenote: Facenote is a software as a service platform that allows you to easily recognize your customers in real time by using state of the art artificial intelligence and face recognition techniques. Facenote let you improve your customer loyalty and experience by recognizing them and tracking their needs. Simple.

FRUITSAPP: FruitsApp is a B2B trading platform for helping companies of the F&V sector to find the best connections for their business. Producers, Wholesalers, Import-Export companies… all of them can make their daily trading operations in an easier, faster an cheaper way. We are the Stock Market for Fresh Produce Industry

UrSavings: UrSavings is a user friendly digital platform for managing your short-term savings and long-term investments. We focus on achieving attractive returns, without lock-up periods, at a fraction of any other alternative in the market. UrSavings is a regulated financial manager run by profesional investors. UrSavings, UrInvestments, UrFreedom.

Shamaim Tech: products exported to relevant markets, decreasing economic losses due to iseases. Shamaim Tech expands the lifetime of fruits using a revolutionary master batch composition which prevents significantly botrytis cases. The result is better fruit with less fungus.

Hashting LATAM: Hashting is the 1st Instant Couponing platform for mass scale branded consumer activations in diffused markets. Simply #texting, no app needed! Hashting is a breakthrough innovation for real-time promotions and fully automated shop-reimbursements. Finally an easy-to-implement solution to link a promotion with a brand, and a consumer in the shop.’s scalable platform enables eCommerce merchants to unbundle/repackage their apps and distribute their inventory to various destinations (affiliates) where an user-intent is generated . This allows merchants to be present with right products at the right “context” delivering superior.

Podcast Press: Podcast Press is an Audio Blog Platform & Content Marketing Automation. We simplify content creation and distribution in audio format for effective media and marketing campaigns.

TourBlink: TourBlink is a family of mobile apps based on offline image recognition for tourist attractions (offline Shazam for tourism). These apps identifies the most famous monuments and attractions giving some useful information and itineraries to improve tourist experience. We already developed Paris and we’re developing Louvre and Santiago versions.

The Review Index: TheReviewIndex is a discovery and research destination for opinion drivenentities (eg electronics), that simplifies the research process by mining reviews from different online sources. This is presented as an unbiased, feature-wise summary scorecard of the aggregate opinion. A search based discovery engine helps users discover based on their needs.

Agrotrac: WebTracker is our software platform where AgroTracker’s are connected to inform trough sensor and comunication from operators the quality aplication and use of pesticides for food production. Agrotrac is a agriculture IT Company ready prepare to solve de pain of many farmes and contribute to the chilean food agro market.

Alertot: Alertot is a realtime service that notifies security vulnerabilities affecting the software used on your website. Using a combination of scraping and machine learning, Alertot is able to collect information from several sources to notify our clients as soon as a vulnerability has been published.

HiKey Chile: Time2L is a timesheet solution tailored to the complex requirements of field-service companies while keeping the super-intuitive UI of a timesheet-app. Data entry and manual processing become obsolete. Real-time information directly from the field create transparency and allow pro-active decisions. Workers neither need a smartphone nor other special hardware.

OSOJI Solar: Dust in dry areas preclude the sunlight reaching the photovoltaic-cells, reducing efficiency to 20%. Current solutions developed from existing applications are costly and inefficient using water/manpower where it is scarce. Using a simple robot, but with state-of-the-art automation, panels are vacuum-cleaned without the abuse of water, manpower or heavy machinery.

New Hope Ecotech: We enable consumer goods brands to pay for recycling of the packaging they put in the market. Recyclers use a digital platform to prove that recycling targets were met. This information is traded as “Recycling Certificates” – similar to carbon credits, but to compensate for waste put in the environment.

Placeholder: Placeholder believes that all people must have access to the right information about the products and brands they search online. We organize, standardize and distribute those information, connecting the manufacturers and e-commerces, through digital trade marketing solutions. Placeholder optimizes online performance for brands and retailers.

CAD.42: We offer a real time location system to track people and equipment in order to proactively detect safety risks and alert stakeholders on the field through a connected vest. Additionally, our system enables our clients to gather field insights to improve the efficiency and reduce costs and delays.

You Order Me: YouOrder.Me is a Market-Network that helps Convenience Store to buy better and sell more, and Suppliers to offer their products in a digital fully targeted way and reach new areas, with a lean process.

MeRO global: MeRO Global is the first online marketplace that allows businesses and homeowners to fully understand their energy consumption, obtain free and immediate feedback and gain access to proven cost reductions and sustainable solutions such as energy audits, efficiency and conservation, renewable power generation, and much more.

Aindra Labs Private Limited AIndra is Artificial-Intelligence based Start-up creating Computer-Vision and Machine- Learning based products. With its patent-pending Face-Recognition technology we have powered smartphone and handheld devices with Identity-Fraud detection. Our Artificial-Intelligence and Machine-Learning powered platform enables Insurance, FinTech and Logistics companies recognize any subject-of-importance on-the-fly from real-world scenarios for risk-analysis of assets. is an online programming bootcamp specialized in Python, Web
Development, Data Science and Mobile Development. It’s a completely remote program hosting people from all around the world. More than 500 students from +40 countries have gone through our successful courses.

Workista: Workista is cloud based work managment system. A complete suite of social collaboration, communication and management tools for SMEs. From personal ToDos and simple tasks to complex projects Workista helps delegate and coordinate, making sure the job is done properly and on time. You can also collect your payments online.

Botsify: Botsify helps people make artificial intelligent chatbots without any coding knowledge. Anyone can build chatbot for their business through easy drag and drop user interface. It only takes 5minutes to set up the chatbot. From integrations to making it intelligent.We’ve a simple interface to create advance and intelligent bot is a marketplace specialized in the land market. We aim
to improve the problem of information asymmetry in the land market in all Latin American cities.
If you are looking for land to build your house on the beach or a 40-story building, go to!

WiseGrowth: Wisegrowth is a monitoring and control system to support the growing of healthy plants. It combines soil-moisture sensors with an internet-connected wireless device to generate automatic notifications using plant-specific algorithms.

DuoEnergy: We combine technology and comfort, through the creation of self-heating or
cooling products, controlled by an application, kinetic energy, USB chargers or any other source of energy, helping people to maintain the thermal comfort in both winter and summer.

MindScan: Graphology or Handwriting analysis is a scientific method of identifying, evaluating and understanding anyone’s personality through the strokes and patterns revealed by handwriting. With an automated and mobile image analysis system we can recognize handwriting patterns better, and interpret them faster than ever would be posible for a human graphologist.

Pyxsoft Anti Hacker: Every day there are hundreds of web sites hacked. What hackers do after the vulneration of the system:
– Web site defacement
– Send spam from the server
– Make phishing sites and illegal operations
Pyxsoft Anti Hackers monitors and prevents the servers to be hacked.

BidEase: In construction you survive by winning bids but thrive by winning the right bids at the right price. Losing bids is expensive but not knowing why is even more costly. BidEase captures bid data in one place and makes collaboration simple, providing insights for faster, better business

Rubber Copper Tiles: Manufacture of granulated recycled rubber tiles from disused tires covered
with  copper with antibacterial properties for floors. This product pays for itself over time.
“Rubber-copper tiles” can help keep floors of companies,  camps and common areas free of bacteria, viruses and fungi, all thanks to copper.

TypeLead: TypeLead is the company behind Eta, the industry-grade, open-source, pure functional programming language on the Java Virtual Machine. The language is best suited for complex application domains such as Retail, Finance, Healthcare.
TypeLead provides:
1) Eta Enterprise distributions
2)Online & Corporate Training

Brave up: Brave Up is an educational organization with social impact. We implement a channel to improve the information management and strengthen a healthy coexistence between parents, schools and students.

Neltume Monitor: Automated pest monitoring and data processing system for the agricultural
industry based on IOT technologies

Scidioma: Whether it’s Spanish, English, or science, learning a new language is a challenge. For scientists who need to communicate in both, it’s even greater, previously lacking focused resources. Scidioma provides reliable information and translation from scientific professionals in one convenient location. Scidioma is the English-Spanish dictionary for scientists.

Revuelta: We are a sustainable design studio that uses waste materials to create high value and low carbon footprint products. We apply research and technology development for our processes. We differentiate ourselves by adding artistic value to the design of our pieces to extend their new life cycle.

Hosping: Hosping is a software that helps hoteliers to boost direct reservations and revenue with smart solutions. Our software allows hotels to increase online visibility; get direct reservations through a commission-free booking engine; and manage online guest reviews after their trip to enhance the hotel’s online reputation.

WeClub WeClub lets you create your own customers club in a surprisingly simple way
to increase loyalty, referrals, visits and sales.

Wuabi: Crowdfunding marketplace where users may Find out, Choose and Invest easily in agribusiness opportunities.

Listoco:  Listoco is a mobile App that allow microbusiness and Independent professionals to get more customers. With more than 30 Categories available, users can request a professional for a service they need in 4 simple steps, receiving in real time quotes from people willing to serve
them, nation wide.

LabNettings: LabNettings, the next generation science network for collaborative consumption, will solve the problem of wasting materials and equipment in laboratories, making an efficient use of resources in science. Researchers will connect around their laboratories and share what’s unused to exchange with others, reducing their costs and time waiting for providers.

Helpers: Helpers is a digital platform where home improvement professionals can be found in less than a minute. We take care of problems regarding categories such as: Construction, locksmithing, carpentry, electricity, plumbing and painting. Each worker has a personal profile to display their information, experience and areas where he/she is available.

Firstep:  Firstep is a digital platform that allows big companies to invest in NGOs causes. Our key benefit is that we give companies incentives to invest in this causes, by helping them to  generate marketing returns, choosing the right projects and reporting back follow up information to them.

CityWallet: CityWallet is a transactional platform backed up by blockchain, made to help cities be intelligent and agile, offering a network of points of sale, independent from the traditional ones. Our payment medium is flexible, we currently use a mobile app and a NFC sticker.

Asaak: Asaak provides world-class financial services via a mobile application. Our first product is credit, built on sophisticated risk algorithms capable of scoring a borrower instantaneously. Asaak’s mobile platform takes the social aspects of traditional microfinance and brings them online, providing a unique community centered around financial inclusion.

InteriorEcosystems: InteriorEcosystems products bridge the agro-environmental knowledge gap with intuitive consumer growing systems and models that support agricultural integration in urban and nontraditional built environments. Our eCommerce GardenBox and BEEcosystem products offer turnkey solutions for demonstrating sustainable food systems anywhere, from farm-to-table restaurants and vineyard tasting rooms to eco-hotels and resorts.

BodyQ Analytics: BodyQ Analytics is a body intelligence software that uses image recognition, deep learning algorithms and artificial intelligent technology to analyze and understand the human body.

AgroDoctor: User friendly crop pest early warning, using mathematical models, sensors and the internet of things (IoT) in a real time basis. The product is a kit installed in-field that will allow commercial farmers to be more efficient to obtain better and safer produce, reducing unnecessary and costly pesticide sprayings.

Vuupt: Vuupt is a SaaS platform to plan, track and analyze delivery’s last mile which provides value to campanies by giving them tools to manage and control their deliveries. The benefits are angible like costs reduction, fleet and resources optimization.

Verdéate: We create digital environmental competitions based on a web / mobile platform that enables a cultural changing process within organizations in order to improve consumption habits, creating verified environmental positive impacts (such as CO2, kwh, water, paper, waste reductions) and real economic savings.

IRPA: Irpa is an online platform for building evaluations that systematically raise and register data. It uses technological resources to support the evaluative processes in schools, being useful to all members in the school community.  Irpa focuses on providing valuable data to schools for trategic decisión making.

Wimet: Wimet is a Marketplace of uniques spaces for meetings, events, productions & pop ups. Through our platform, users will be able to book and save their next activity or even be the hosts and acquire earnings.

Memax: “An interactive 3D tool to help students memorize better utilizing “”memory palace””, a spatial memory technique.”

CourseNinja: CourseNinja is an instructor-first online teaching platform that helps growing businesses to train & certify hundreds of employees, customers and partners. Anywhere, anytime. Using CourseNinja you can easily build a beautiful virtual school and control your branding, student data and pricing all from one place. No technology know-how required!

Turnomas: Turnomas is a real-time staff planning and management web based service, that lets you pick an optimum staff planification, wich can be modify, is easy to communicate to different levels of the organization and delivers critical statistics on your operation status.

Scrutinit: A platform working as a UX marketplace. We want to connect companies with their target audience so that they can attain high quality insights concerning their products through UX testing videos.

Loqua.T: Loquat makes travel experiences more affordable, informative and engaging. Learn country-specific language and information through carefully designed games that earn you travel points redeemable at restaurants, hostels, travel agencies and other businesses on your trip. The more you learn, the more you save on your travels!

TTC Systems: Wood gathering measurement and support management system. which through the use of artificial vision and mobile devices can evaluate and measure area and volume optimizing the wood inventory process.

ARIX: ARIX is an affordable and simple tool to improve the machine reliability. It’s a monitoring system that uses the acoustic signature to detect changes in the working machine condition. It’s fully automated and has a noninvasive installation. ARIX brings to SMBs the possibility to have predictive and preventive maintenance programs.

Nubiquo: Nubiquo is an online platform that allows direct sales companies and their independent resellers to automate and simplify their business information and processes.

HelpStay: is an on-line trusted, vetted and reviewed community where volunteers connect and book volunteer stays directly with verified hosting organisations abroad. is a super easy, safe and affordable way to travel, give back while experiencing a safe & secure stay abroad. We’re the AIRBNB for Volunteering Abroad.

Mobilify: their smartphones by reporting illegally parked cars.  The hard evidence produced by Mobilify’s patent-pending technology can be used to improve compliance & efficiency of enforcement in both the public and private sectors.

Moi Social Learning: M.S.L. is a Dynamic Learning Environment that provides each of its users the opportunity to create their own knowledge tree, a true fingerprint of their intelligence. It can increase overall emotivation to learn in elementary school children by up to 500%

Gamekip: Gamekip is a software to plan, execute and keep the track of all company’s projects, deadlines and work distribution. Gamekip uses gamification (use of game’s mechanics to improve motivation and productivity) to motivate and keep the focus of all team members about one goal: finish the projects in time.

MedLearn: In MedLearn we are democratizing healthcare by building a more efficient medical consultation process with the help of AI. Our chatbot Clara can automatically analyze your symptoms and recommend you the right specialists to help you. With her help, you can book an appointment with doctors near you within minutes.

Triip: Triip is the World’s Happiest Impact Travel Platform, enabling travellers to have real local impact by giving 5% of any booking of 1,113,953 hotel rooms and 90% of any booking of 6,000 authentic local experiences (“triips”) back to locals in 226 countries.

SummaryClick: SummaryClick is a summarization solution using artificial intelligence and crowdsourcing to summarize online content making it scannable for readers.

Portal de PagosThe main activity of any company is sell. The second is get paid. We provide solutions to companies of any size and to independent workers making their charge and collection processes easier and efficiently, at a competitive price.

Arqlite: Arqlite turns waste into value by manufacturing construction materials from plastic waste; its main product is an artificial stone aggregate than can be used as a replacement for quarry and river rock in the concrete mix, as base and sub-base in paving, as drainage layers and as train ballast.

BVKit: BVKit is a self test diagnosis tool that works with software, hardware and Internet of things to give a diagnosis of vaginal infections.

CuidaMiMascota: Who takes care of my pet while I´m away? In pet-owners find pet-sitters near them and book online. They see their qualifications, rates, services provided, photos, reviews and more. We have a strict no cage rule, premium pet insurance and 24/7 customer support. +10,000 nights reserved, +1000 pet-sitters listed.

PowerGym: PowerGym is a secure web-based system that adapts to your business and manages it in order to increase your profits. We are operating in Argentina and we want to expand all over the world. We have an ambitious expansion plan for 2017 and 2018.

Doctor CV: Doctor CV is a service that increases the odds of those who are looking for a job. Analyzes your resume and provides you feedback. It is like a virtual recruiter expert who tells you what to change to increase your chances of being called to your next job interview! is Latin America’s first marketplace platform focused on opening storefronts on a one-stop online shopping mall site. We combine proprietary technology with extensive eCommerce experience to bring the mall, together with hundreds of participating retail and brand stores, to your doorstep! Let’s work together (‘juntos’) and grow Latam’s ecosystem.

LENNS TEK: Prostate cancer is the second cause of death in men world wide. Existing methods are expensive, invasive  and Inaccurate. We developed a detection system for early prostate cancer that it is easy to use, cheap and with results less than an hour only using urine samples. is a platform that helps small online stores to implement influencer marketing without upfront and fixed fees paying only a variable fee for the incremental revenues identified with our link tracking technology. leverages gamification to attract and retain influencers, allowing everyone to monetize time spent on social media.

La Plataforma: La Plataforma utilizes bitcoin technology to improve international money transfers for individuals without bank accounts. Through our mobile-optimized platform, we allow users to send cash to family members back in their country of origin directly from their mobile phone, at afraction of the cost and without a bank account.

Fullmec: Online platform that connects independent mechanics with potential customers (car owners). We offer +120 services, with a fix price paid through the platform, no cash, no tips. We go wherever the customers needs us to go. All the services are warrantied and covered by Fullmec’s liability insurance policy.

Yask: Yask offers translations at scale thanks to a global community empowered by machine learning. It delivers large volumes of human quality translations in minutes. Yask makes easy and affordable for companies to reach global customers in their own languages.

Rooster: Rooster is a news platform for the open web. Our product reuses email’s ubiquity, adding micropayment subscriptions on top. Rooster picks up where Google Reader (and Usenet) left off, creating a hierarchically organized content consumption ecosystem backed by a sustainable economic model.

Kommandant: Is a tablet with an app that reads NFC chips on the fire helmets when the firefighters are entering to a fire. Then they communicate their locations who can be updated on the tablet, allowing to rescue them in case of an emergency.

PortableCloud: PortableCloud provides equitable access to quality digital learning tolos by revolutionizing the way education is delivered. We empower teachers and learners by through our offline content app store with curated learning resources and remove the barriers to adopting 21st century learning tools.

Drill-Up: The purpose of Drill-Up is to provide a specialized service of Blind Hole Boring, with a technology that solves issues regarding the use of customer resources, speed of change of station, safer, with remote operation, sustainable and inclusive, achieving technical and economic advantages.

Training Center: provides training and virtual specializations in Work Safety and Environmental Protection through an e-learning platform, which also has integrated its own Software to Manage the Safety System and Health at Work in companies and also has a Social Network focused on Safety and Risk Protection.

Listopro: Listopro connects companies with hourly workers efficiently. Our platform allows companies to post jobs for free and matches them quickly with available certified workers. Companies pay directly online and once job shifts are completed, workers receive their money. Companies hire faster and better, while workers earn more when they want.

LeanScout: LeanScout is a curated marketplace of high-quality, pre-vetted remote workers that helps companies scale up their teams, on-demand. Our pre-packaged, fixed-priced products allow customers to always know what they will get and how much they will end up paying, with a full money-back guarantee if they are not 100% satisfied.

CLIMO: CLIMO is a service that provides air conditioning monthly plans and a platform control in order to make people increase their quality life at home/office. Our service provides an efficient equipment and an app that helps you to understand, manage consumptions and set and control your equipment.

Tapsnapp: Tapsnapp is an online marketplace to connect consumers to photographers who are matched based on speciality and location. The platform helps customers find the photographers they need immediately based on upfront pricing and scheduling and helps photographers build they business beyond the legacy referral system.

Unnyhog: Unnyhog makes unique and revolutionary games. Their current game is UnnyWorld, a fantasy style MMO game, which takes the best from Clash of Clans and League of Legends, allowing PC and mobile users to play together. They are targeting the global gaming market and also planning to penétrate mobile e-sports.

Eureka Games: Eureka Games is a Chilean startup dedicated to the co-development of digital content towards the spreading and learning of science, with a unique and specific know-how, capable of transforming printed educational content into more attractive and easy-to-scale formats (videogames, interactive movies, podcasts and interactive books).

Vanido: Vanido is an education app that delivers daily singing sessions to train your voice and ear. Each session is personalised according to your vocal range and past performance. Track your real time pitch, review recordings and evaluate your progress. The gamified and delightful user experience keeps you engaged and disciplined.

Lift: Lift creates environment-friendly products made out of recycled plastic. By collecting plastic bottles and containers, which are washed, separated and shredded into pellets, in order to create new products using injection molding techniques.

Immersive News: Immersive News provides the technology to mayor news organizations to develop immersive news content in Virtual Reality or 3D formats, enabling people to understand and see news in an immersive way. Our aim is to make people feel and experience news as if they were really there.

NeoSound: We are working on audio analysis solution for call centers. Analysis of dynamics of customers’ mood during conversations is important to increase customer service level and therefore to reduce churn rate. We deliver our technology as a cloud API service allowing companies to integrate it easily into their existing software.