Season 2011, Episode 14: ElggCamp Santiago 2011


Are you an IT entrepreneur thinking of developing a web product with social features? Have you considered an open source framework as an starting point? Elgg is your solution. The powerful social networking engine will be presented this May 5th by Brett Proffit, tech lead, and Susana Cipriota, Condiminds Project Manager. This will be just a preview of what we’ll see at the ElggCamp Santiago 2011.

Susana Cipriota will offer a quick Elgg introduction, success cases and examples while Brett Profitt, the voice of Elgg, will be sharing his experience leading the Elgg Foundation, what it is, why we made it, who can join, how to join.

If you are interested on social media and the possibilities it has to offer you as an entrepreneur, you cannot miss this meetup!

What you need to know:
Date: May 5th
Time: 7:00pm
Location: California Café, Las Urbinas 56, Providencia
RSVP to: