Season 2011, Episode 11: Demo Featuring Entrustet


Nathan Lustig, co-founder of Entrustet and founder of Capital Entrepreneurs, an organization of high tech entrepreneurs in Madison, WI, will present Entrustet, an internationally recognized digital asset managment system.

Based in Madison, Wisconsin, Entrustet’s mission is to allow people to quickly, easily and securely prepare last wishes for their digital assets. Entrustet was founded by Jesse Davis and Nathan Lustig in November 2008 to address the need to integrate online assets such as email, banking and investment accounts, photos and videos, and online memberships into legally endorsed estate plans. Davis and Lustig identified the opportunity based on the ever-increasing amounts of people and assets on the Internet and the confusion and challenges resulting after death.

For more information about Entrustet, please visit:, and for more information about Nathan and his entrepreneurial experiences, check out his LinkedIn profile: You can also read more about his life as an entrepreneur in Chile on his blog:

See you there!

What you need to know:
Date: April 7th
Time: 7:00pm
Location: California Café, Las Urbinas 56, Providencia, Santiago