Scientific researchers platform was selected as the best startup in The S Factory


The startup Instrumentl won The S Factory (TSF) 1st Generation Demo Day and prizes from Microsoft and Chivas: The Venture. They competed against the top 8 startups of the CORFO program.


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Angela Braren (Instrumentl) y Patricia Hansen (executive Director TSF)


SANTIAGO, Chile 2015.- On Thursday December 3rd, the best startups of the first generation presented their companies in front of recognized entrepreneurs, and the investment community in Chile. The winner was Instrumentl from the US, founded by Angela Braren, who was rewarded with prizes from Microsoft and Chivas: The Venture. Instrumentl is the first platform where scientific researchers and a wide variety of private funders connect directly to advance great research.


After the pitches at Demo Day, the judges entered into a tough deliberation to decide on the winner. Instrumentl was chosen because of its innovative approach in tackling a real problem in the US and Latin America. “This is an example of how necessary it is to support research. In United States and Latin America is an issue that needs more attention”, said Braren.


The second place was for SALI, a smart bracelet that continuously measures your blood pressure without any pain, is waterproof and works without internet connection. In the other hand, the third place was for, an augmented reality platform for product testing.


Despite the stage of the startups (prototype) the judges also stated that Demo Day and the quality of the startups exceeded, by far, their expectations. “After 12 weeks of hard work, the improvements are huge. Some of them came just with an idea and now they have a viable business model”, said Patricia Hansen, Executive Director of TSF.


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