13 companies looking to expand their growth in Latin America thanks to Start-Up Chile SCALE

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The second generation of SCALE entrepreneurs are ready to begin the program. The startups will receive up to 60 million Chilean pesos (around USD 100,000) equivalent to 70% of the total investment (the remaining 30% coming from the companies’ contribution). The companies are increasing their sales with strong teams with their eyes focused on Latin America and global markets.

Santiago, Chile.- Thirteen companies that participated in the Start-Up Chile Seed program will stay in Chile for a full year to continue the growth momentum of their businesses. The SCALE program is equity free, but the founders must work as a Start-Up Chile mentor during the year to help the new round of startup companies that are coming to the country.

Government-supported Start-Up Chile aims to help bridge the post-accelerator venture funding gap in Latin America and partners with a number of venture capital funds with the aim of raising further rounds of private venture capital.

The companies will begin the program in October and will have 12 months to spend their grant to expand their growth from Chile to Latin America.

Ladies and gentlemen here are the faces of tomorrow!

Intelag spa: We enable farmers to improve yields and save costs by applying resources more precisely. The sensors seamlessly gather information and our software provides latest farming best practices, based on individual farm data and in a simple actionable format. The grower can manage his farm in real-time anywhere in the world.

Mobile Bigfoot, Inc: Mobile Bigfoot™ is the premier service provider of wireless networks for public venues. We provide a seamless umbrella of Wi-Fi and cellular networks in dense public venues.

Our networks are used for carrier voice and data offload, which eases congestion and improves the quality of indoor and outdoor wireless networks.

TinyBytes SpA: Everyone can enjoy great looking action games! TinyBytes is a global developer and publisher of mobile games aimed at making action and arcade games more accessible to the casual audience.

Fondeadora: Fondeadora is the leading crowdfunding platform in LatAm. We bring talented creators to leverage funds from a large pool of backers in order to materialize their ideas. Thanks to its strategic position in the LatAm ecosystem, Fondeadora became the funder and exhibitor of the high impact projects in the region.

Keteka.com: Keteka leverages the Peace Corps volunteer network, a unique and robust network of global experts, in order to connect travelers with validated, authentic, off-the-beaten path tours and activities that they can book instantly online.

Mine Data Solutions & Services: MDS-2 SpA nace a principios del año 2014 como una empresa dedicada a desarrollar y a implementar productos de software para la minería nacional orientados a la integración de datos que generan los sistemas de información instalados en las mineras.

RENOVÁ TU VESTIDOR: Social marketplace disrupting the second-hand industry by making it easy to buy and sell high-quality used clothing online. We help women across LATAM both to find their favorite brands up to 80% off, and to make money from clothing they’re no longer wearing. Refreshing your wardrobe is fun and affordable.

FRACTTAL: Fracttal is the Enterprise Asset Management platform for Internet of Things (IoT). Fracttal is a SaaS cloud-based software that combines all the possibilities of Machine to Machine(M2M) communication and Enterprise Asset Management(EAM). By using Fracttal to optimize maintenance management and asset control, companies can solve their critical asset performance challenges.

Cloudponics:  Coudponics is an automated cloud controlled and user friendly hydroponic plant growing solution for home growers.

Startup Threads: Turnkey solution for designing/printing/distributing custom promotional merchandise. Our API is used by companies like Mixpanel, Paypal, and Intercom to automate sending of rewards to their customers. Eventually we will provide the backend services for app global manufacturing, a service that has never existed.

TheBesty.com: TheBesty is a platform to share and discover trusted recommendations. We generate revenue by utilizing our network of influential bloggers to provide instant expert recommendations as a service.

LESS industries: We have a proven track record in generating innovative products in the category of Internet-of-Things and our main objective for the program is to start international expansion of our grain storage solution (LANZA-Silo-Bolsa) and the smart electric meter (PIVI-smart-meter) that we have already installed with the City of Buenos Aires.

viperMed: ViperMed is a patient tele-education platform that empowers independent health professionals and health institutions(Hospitals, clinics, insurances, government)to educate their patients with curated educative programs in video provided by our medical partners, in order to increase adherence to treatments, reduce costs, increase benefits and improve the life quality of patients.(Watch:https://vimeo.com/127863875)