Sanivation– A Solar Sanitation Solution

Projects & Participants

As part of Start-Up Chile’s first generation, Sanivation, a group of five entrepreneurs from Georgia Tech, arrived to Chile in June of 2011 to begin piloting their solar powered sanitation system. Their method harnesses the sun’s energy to heat fecal matter to over 50º C, completely decontaminating it and rendering it safe to then be used on crops as an organic soil amendment. It is a cost effective and sustainable system that can be used in some of the world’s most vulnerable areas.

They’ve paired with several well-known Chilean institutions such as Un Techo para Chile and Fundación Ciencia para la Vida in their quest to take the product to market. With Un Techo para Chile (Latin America’s Habitat for Humanity), they have been working in the field alongside the NGO’s innovation coordinators and representatives of the Chilean Red Cross to further develop the solar technology.

Simultaneously, they’ve been meeting with with Proyecto BIS (Sustainable Integral Bathrooms), an initiative being developed by the Universidad Santa Maria, in order to mutually help one another on the development of their  sanitation models.

What’s next? Andrew Foote, Santivation’s VP of Product Development, says that “over the next 3 months, we are expanding our search for value in the sanitation chain in both community initiatives and decentralized waste treatment systems. We are in contact with organizations in India, Kenya, and South East Asia, and are looking for funding and support in each of those areas, while making a best case scenario for our system.” If you are interested in learning more about Sanivation or their technology, please get in touch with them here.