Rumor has it…(what are they saying about us in the press?)


Start-Up Chile doubled its number of applicants, and made some headlines about it at The Next Web!  They didn´t forget to mention how “even the best opportunities can be missed without a proper communications plan. As a result, Start-Up Chile decided to organize meet-ups in a handful strategic tech hubs to spread the word about its latest call for projects” (remember the SUPBoat?) (July 11th)

Chilean press is also pretty excited about the interest around the globe in applying to Start-Up Chile. Folks at Publimetro, El Mercurio, Webprendedor and LUN (July 12th) are letting everybody know that the competition to be part of the Start-Up Chile family is going to be bit tough for those applying now! We can´t wait until August 31st to hear who are the oh-so-talented that made it to Start-Up Chile.

William Colglazier, Advisor on Tech and Science for the U.S government, let Chileans know that Start-Up Chile is one of the best ideas he takes from Chile. Read about it at El Mercurio (July 11th)

Biofiltro is featured at, where Matías Sjogren had the opportunity to talk about Biofiltro´s future while giving details about how did they got where they are at. If you are trying to learn how to walk towards your dream, that´s the piece you should be reading. (July 11th) Biofiltro also got some TV time at Canal 13 Cable, thanks to Tecnociencia. Make sure to watch HERE!