Round#4 is now closed!


We are just so excited. Last night, the whole staff at Start-Up Chile stayed up until the wee hours of the morning helping applicants walk through the details of their applications. The application process closed at midnight after a month of Q&A Twitcams, Webinars, and hundreds and hundreds of emails which, we hope, were useful to all those who decided to stand up for their dreams and applied to Start-Up Chile.

Start-Up Chile received 656 applications from 53 different countries, and the projects represent a myriad of industries as well as many of the world´s most prestigious educational institutions including Stanford, Harvard, Yale, Berkeley, Columbia, MIT, and Oxford University. The most represented countries among those applying are Chile, Brazil, Argentine and the U.S, followed by Canada, India and the U.K. Most of the applying projects are devoted to Social Media (17%), followed by IT & Enterprise Software (13%), and by e-commerce (15%).

This round counts as the first application process of 2012, and is offering 100 new sports for those interested in joining the Start-Up Chile family. Applications will now pass through several intensive evaluation processes executed by YouNoodle and, ultimately, by the Chilean Economic Development Agency’s Sub-committee of Entrepreneurship & Innovation. Then, the results will be delivered to each applicant in May. Expect a letter form us.

If you are selected to participate in the program, you will receive specific information about how to begin the visa processes, etc. once you have been notified of your acceptance. And for those entrepreneurs who did not meet the deadline, we will open another application process in June of this year.

Thanks to all those who applied! We can´t wait to meet our new family members!