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Kurt + Diego: Rocket Relief Arrives to Chile

Kurt, Tiago, and Filipe are the three newest entrepreneurs to arrive to Chile to participate in the 2010 Start-Up Chile program, all of whom will receive a grant of $40,000 to develop their business here in Chile, utilizing the strong networks that Start-Up Chile has built.  Kurt, a Wall Street veteran, had just recently moved to Salt Lake City in order to more economically bootstrap his company, Rocket Relief, when he read about Start-Up Chile in TechCrunch.  He was inspired to apply to the program, knowing that he may be beckoned to come to South America just weeks after moving into a new house in Utah.  Nevertheless, he was game.

Rocket Relief has had overwhelming market reception in the States and one of Kurt’s main goals is to set up a Rocket Relief branch or call center here in Chile.  Having traveled extensively through Honduras and having visited Buenos Aires, he was drawn to come to Chile, especially knowing the stability of the economy and government.  He will be joined by his wife and two daughters the coming week.

A few hours later, Tiago and Filipe landed in Chile, not looking even slightly disheveled even after flying from Portugal, to London, to Sao Paulo, and finally to Santiago.  They are the sixth team to be added to the Start-Up Chile program and whose company, Vendder, was created under the exact same ideal as their Start-Up Chile goal: “growing business.”  Both with degrees in Informatics and work experience at Wipro Technologies, they heard about this groundbreaking program through Hacker News, and decided to try their luck.

Felipe + Tiago: Vendder's First Day in Chile

Luck they had, and, in August, were selected to participate in the 2010 program.  It is during this time that they plan to develop the digital marketing and design elements of Vendder while further advancing the technical aspects of the website in order to serve the high demand they have seen in the short period of time they have been up-and-running.  According to Tiago, Vendder will also be “adding Spanish language support in the following weeks” which will give them a superior competitive advantage.

If you are in the Santiago area and would like to meet Kurt, Tiago, Filipe, or any of the other Start-Up Chile entrepreneurs, we invite you to attend our weekly Meetups, every Thursday, at our HQ in downtown Santiago.  This week’s invitation can be found here.

To follow Rocket Relief on Twitter, click here; and to follow Vendder on Twitter, here.

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