Rebound Technology Awarded $1.375M by Powering Agriculture!


The U.S. Agency for International Development has awarded Rebound Technology $1.375 million to build a solar-cooled refrigeration system for developing countries.

Rebound’s SunChill technology transforms heat from the sun into 10 degree Celsius (50 degrees Fahrenheit) refrigeration using water-based refrigerants and no moving parts.

“We are very excited,” said Kevin Davis, the company’s chief executive officer. “This grant will allow us to develop the SunChill technology and test it in the field. We think SunChill has the potential to dramatically improve agricultural productivity and farmer incomes in developing countries.”

Smallholder farmers in developing nations lose up to 40 percent of their horticultural products to spoilage because they don’t have electricity or can’t afford a traditional refrigeration system.

SunChill requires no electricity.

Instead, the technology uses a novel system that harnesses solar thermal energy and leverages the precipitation and solvation of salt to produce a cooling system for small- to medium-sized farms.

The low-cost system also can be locally manufactured and is easy to maintain. These two design characteristics are critical for developing world deployment.

Over the next 18 months, Rebound Technology will work with researchers at the Energy Institute at Colorado State University to model the SunChill technology, test components and develop a working prototype.

The company will then test SunChill at a farm in a Mozambique with the help of TechnoServe, a non-profit providing business solutions throughout developing nations and Mozambique Organicos, a research farm in the Inhambane Province.

Jake Walter, country manager of TechnoServe’s Mozambique office, said the SunChill system could have a significant impact on African agricultural production.

“Due to its tropical climate, Mozambique is ideally positioned to provide horticultural produce to South Africa during the seasons that South Africa itself cannot meet its own requirements,” Walter said.

However, in order to provide the quality that South Africa demands, Mozambique needs to stabilize its produce quickly after harvest and “ideally with low cost, environmentally sustainable cooling technologies,” Walter said.

Rebound Technology is rethinking refrigeration through tailored, thermally-driven heat pump architectures that provide efficient, practical and cost-effective global solutions.

The company’s tailored approach enables dramatic improvement over the one-size-fits-all, state-of-the-art by utilizing renewable resources, waste heat capture, energy storage, and simple, low-cost construction.

For more information, contact Kevin Davis, Rebound Technology CEO, at or +1.303.818.0799.