Reach for the stars: create extraordinary things!


We want to constantly create new things that seek to break conventional ties. In every instance there should be space and liberty to take risks, think in grandiose terms, and to rise above the average.  This way, we as a program and our anything-but-average participants will achieve the extraordinary– impacting humanity on a global scale.

These series is about the Start-Up Chile values, as experienced by the suppers. They are going to share how are the Start-Up Chile values experienced on a day-to-day basis. This week, let’s talk about one of the most challenging SUP values: create extraordinary things. Let´s kick the conversation off with testimonies about The Tribe.


Samantha Snabes, Re:3D

“Early on during the concept formation process of our company, re:3D, we identified Start-Up Chile as the ideal partner for our young enterprise.  The program champions world-class early stage entrepreneurs to start their businesses in Chile and foster
technological innovation within borders.  We found the program’s objectives to be in strong alignment with re:3D’s mission for capacity building in Latin America.  In addition to offering funding for early prototyping, Startup Chile has also provided access to a vibrant support community of multi-cultural entrepreneurs, industry mentors, and potential investors. With Startup Chile’s support we were able to prototype the world’s largest & affordable 3D printer, the Gigabot. In addition to providing much needed funding and user input to form our company and technology, Start-Up Chile’s community contributed greatly to our strategic visibility and

Through Start-Up Chile’ s international reach, re:3D launched its Gigabot Kickstarter campaign at the SXSW Interactive conference.  Showcased at Startup Chile’s trade show booth, re:3D ran a live demo of Gigabot printing in action for thousands of SXSW participants. The demo generated significant buzz and media attention, which catapulted our Kickstarter campaign. In just 24 hours, Gigabot had met its Kickstarter goal, only to double it the following day.  Gigabot’s Kickstarter campaign is live through May 9, 2013 and has grossed over $200,000 with 3D printing customers across Latin America, eager to print their own extraordinary objects.

Jeetu Melwani,

One cannot fathom before arriving in Chile what the startup environment is like here. I cannot imagine a place it could be better, for the main reason that there are another hundred or more like minded startups and even more cofounders and employees that are here to make a difference. They all believe in change and are that blend of dynamic personalities which is on a mission to be the change agents of the world as individuals or a team. If I am asked to think of the most extraordinary aspect of the program it has to be the people and connections. The staff and entrepreneurs are like a large family, as we see Generation 5 leave we all begin to miss a part of ourselves but knowing that we move on to bigger and brighter opportunities together and spread around the world with more connections and friends than ever before.