Putting Web Technologies to Work for Social and Environmental Innovation


What web technologies are being used to advance social and environmental innovation? What are their social and environmental benefits? How are they being applied in Latin America? Come find out with this great line-up of entrepreneurs in the web development, agriculture, energy, and urban development sectors! SPEAKERS: (**NoteCatarse/Engage + SmartAgro presentations will be in English. EFIZITY and CitiSent will be in Spanish. Discussion in English.**) Catarse/Engage, Daniel Weinmann @Catarse_ @engageis. Catarse is Brazil’s first crowdfunding platform and world’s first open-source framework for crowdfunding. In a little more than one year it helped funding more than 150 projects and raising more than 2 million Brazilian Reais. Engage is an incubator of projects focused on technology for social innovation in the areas of collaborative production, citizenship, new economies and other forms of engagement. 
EFIZITY, Cristián Wolleter @efizity. EFIZITY is a homeowner-oriented services platform which allows users to better understand their energy/water consumption. By presenting a personalized monthly energy report, which compares home energy consumption against similar neighbors, EFIZITY aims to generate a significant change in energy consumption behavior, while introducing people to energy efficiency strategies. 
SmartAgroThomas Grandperrin @smartagro. SmartAgro is a software infrastructure to improve the exchange of information between small and medium scale farmers and all the stakeholders of the agricultural sector. They are currently discussing with major agricultural organizations to launch a first prototype in Chile. CitiSent, Robert Burgos Mann @CitiSent.CitiSent is an urban data platform that collects and analyzes in real-time people’s perceptions on cities over a set of topics integral for urban life. It delivers a concrete set of urban indicators by aggregating multiple social data available from the internet such as traditional and online media, blogs and social networks, together with data collected from mobile telephones.
Discussion will be moderated by Krista Canellakis, Crowdplaces @crowdplaces.

When? Wednesday, May 2, 2012, 7:00 PM

Where? Casa Lastarria. Lastarria 70, Santiago (map)
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