Propiedad Fácil Launches, Wins BBVA Competition

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A pair of friends, one from Argentina the other from the USA, Guillermo Horno and Adrian Fisher have recently launched their company Propiedad Fácil, concentrating on the Latin American residential and commercial property market.

The platform they created is an automated property management application with the goal of making peoples life a little easier. Their suite of online tools lets tenants pay rent easily via most major banks and credit cards, while at the same time automatically keeping track of payment histories, tenant info and property info all in one place.

“Our goal is to provide tools that actually make the landlord’s, administrator’s, and renter’s lives easier,” says Guillermo, a native of Mendoza, Argentina.

“Our technology works by automating a lot of the mundane tasks that property managers everywhere have to deal with. The less managers have to sit down to send out reminders and notices, deal with cash, cryptic bank codes, and struggle to put together the kind of high quality reports tenants are starting to ask for the better.”- says Adrian.

2011 has proven to be a fruitful year for Guillermo and Adrian as they have similarly won the Innova BBVA contest that is organized by the multinational bank (BBVA) in order to generate closer relationships with innovative startup companies. They, as a result, will be working closely with the bank as a strong ally which will help them augment and continue developing their platform.

“Launching our company here in Chile and working with BBVA is the first large step we’ve taken since entering the StartUp-Chile program, and while we’ve still have lots of work ahead of us, we are extremely excited with what the new year will bring,” says the duo.