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Junar, the team comprised of Javier, André, and Diego, have been making impressive headway during their short time here in Chile. They have met with a large number of Venture Capital firms, Angels investors, and interested financiers, all looking for a chance to be the one to tip Junar into global success. One of the most exciting advancements they’ve made is contracting a new employee to help take on the challenges of launching their startup, that was conceptually born in 2006.

André, in charge of Business Development & Product Management, tells us that the “Junar family keeps growing” now that they have just hired Ignacio (better known as Nacho) to fill the Front-End Developer position they had been searching for. Nacho originally hails from Argentina and will cross the border to Chile to begin to working physically with Junar this coming January. Among his technical and computational talents, the Junar team says that he is a “very talented designer and skateboarder who will boost [their] capabilities even more.” Though after having brought Nacho to the team, they are still very busy with interviewing other candidates to complete their development team.  To see the specific job descriptions, click here.

Besides expanding their workforce, they have also been heavily occupied recruiting college students in the Santiago metropolitan region. Those enlisted students will form a force called the “Junar Beta Testing Unit”– created with the goals of having the students test the Junar platform, attaining valuable feedback, and thus being able to improve upon their product. According to André, the first Unit meeting will take place next week and will be comprised of around 20 students. Without a doubt, this is a major step for Junar and it is no surprise that they say that they are “really excited.”

André says that the doors to participate in the Junar Beta Testing Unit are always open to students (only) and, for those who are interested in participating, all that is required is an email to:  The address also serves as the main point of contact with the Junar team in the case that anyone wants to learn how to use Junar, or anyone with questions regarding the team or project wants to get in contact.

Finally, they have created and launched their Facebook Fan Page that will allow all those interested in Junar to “keep up with [their] news and adventures,” which, undoubtedly will be unfolding day-by-day. You will want to keep tabs on them, great things are coming their way.

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