We are looking to support for-profit, impact-driven startups who use technology to solve social and/or environmental problems. In order to achieve this objective, Huella will enable entrepreneurs to fine-tune their value propositions and accelerate the development of their projects by taking advantage of the methodology developed by Start-Up Chile.


What kind of support will be provided?

Acceleration support based upon the Start-Up Chile methodology through tools such as mentors, workshops, training, and networking.

In-depth tracking for each project.

25 MM CLP once the project has been approved. The possibility of a 25 MM extension. 

Free working space.


Are you interested in Start-Up Chile?

If you’d like to let the SUP Chile scouter know about your startup or another one you think should be in our program, please click the button below. In case the startup you refer fits the program, we will get in contact soon!


Who can apply?

Legal company or individual entrepreneurs, 100% dedicated to the project. *Important: Basic knowledge of English is required since the entire acceleration program from Start-Up Chile is in that language.

Equity free money

The startup will receive an equity free fund of CLP $25MM, which is towards 90% of total program costs and through either reimbursement or an advance payment plan. The founder/startup must provide 10% of the remaining funding. Applicants can apply for an additional CLP $25MM to stay in Chile, which will also give them an extension of the program to 14 months total.

Accelerations & 6 month experience

During your 6 month experience, Start-Up Chile will accelerate and support your business, encouraging to take you to the next level. You will also be a part of an inclusive and energetic environment with other like-minded entrepreneurs to have the experience of a lifetime.

In your application, do not forget!

To apply you will need to submit an application using our online platform. The application includes questions about leadership, the team, and your motivations. In addition, you will need to submit a 90 seconds video.

What is the objective of this program?

The projects that apply and are successfully selected will be supported in such a way that they are ready to enter the market with the aim of growing their sales and presenting to both national and international investors.

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