Print, digital, social media: we are everywhere. What are they saying about suppers?


Thomas Allier, founder at Escapar, got interviewed at El Espectador about his startup and his great eye for business opportunities. Lear from him, here! 

Poderopedia got really noisy this week! With Poderopedia you can learn “who is who” in business and politics. It is a really close look at the connections and life history of those in positions of power in the country. Quite amazing! Take a look at what´s being said at Estrategia y Negocios, Radio BioBio, La Nación, El, L´Express,, La Presse (Canada) , Terra, and The Sunday Times. 

Antonio Cabreira Véjar, founder at TuCreaz, wrote about having an online business and starting it while in college. There was an amazing response to his piece, this is definetely one of the must reads of the weekend.

Chris Campbell, founder at Review Trackers, published a new article at FayerWayer and is gathering instant attention and comments. He writes (in Spanish!) about how traveling tuned him into a better entrepreneur. Read the piece HERE!

Admetricks is fueling the media with an awesome study about online advertising and college institutions. You can read their conclusions HERE. 

Nubelo got published by Clarín, in Argentina. Congrats! Start-Up Chile also got featured by Clarín. They published an article about “the best 5 countries to be an entrepreneur” and they included Chile on their list. Read about it, here! 

Pic by y Sascha Grant on Flickr (cc)