You won´t be able to run away from the entrepreneurial revolution: even the press is catching up!


Start-Up Chile launched its 7th application process in the midst of SXSW! Among the billion things they did, Horacio Melo and Caro Rossi found some time to Abdullah Alshalabi, from Wamda, who wrote a general piece about Start-Up Chile starting from the daring question of “Can Free Seed Money Build a 1 Billion Company?”

SUPBoat began making noise right away! The Start-Up Chile family sailed off on Monday at SXSW and will be traveling around the globe so all entrepreneurs learn more about this program, and apply! The SUPBoat crew hosts a meetup in every city visited, make sure to check out where is the next stop! Folks in France and Estonia got really excited about Start-Up Chile visiting them, and we hope that means we´ll see many applications coming from there.

TechCrunch featured Gigabot 3D! They clearly rocked SXSW and are becoming a great phenomenon at Kickstarter, and now the press it catching up!

Diario Estrategia is writing about Aumentality, a chilean supper startup that could totaly revolutionize the way we experience marketing. What if companies were to project their stuff on the ground so we could interact with their campaigns, opening things, jumping on things, etc?  Wolfgang and Felipe are trying to make advertising so much fun. Read about them, here.

Poderopedia got featured and interviewed by “To The Best of Our Knowledge” show, which was aired via NPR affiliated radio station, Wisconsin Public Radio! This makes him one of the very, very few Chileans who had ever been on NPR. We are supper proud!

Joldit keeps looking hot to the press! They have been pretty much everywhere in the last two weeks and the journos won´t get tired of them: their service to help people find a parking spot that they can rent is clearly solving a problem, so the noise is inevitable. They even got featured by La Cuarta, one of the funniest outlets in the city. Watch them work the cameras, here!; rock more print media, here!; and spice up online outlets, here! 

American Flat got a small but promising mention at Revista Más Deco. We are sure there are many more to come 😉 Meanwhile, Cranberry Chic, one of our most recently accepted startups in the program, got featured by the girls at Zancada!

Nubelo is getting some press love, too, because women see their service as a great way to find new and modern ways to work! Read the piece, here.

Chilean suppers behind Phage Technologies got featured by Diario Austral! These are great news since many of the readers of said outlet could buy their products or apply to our program inspired by this team´s success.

Gigabot 3D printing has had an amazing success on Kickstarter. Join the fun!

Pic by  Rusty Sheriff on Flickr (cc)