Press: suppers everywhere


What is being said about Start-Up Chile in the press this week?

Biometry Cloud got featured by Darío Zambra in La Tercera. What were those guys doing on top of trees at Parque Metropolitano? Well, they were installing great technology: Biometry Cloud will allow us to know exactly how many people are at the park. This technology identifies the silhouettes of people going inside or outside a particular place, and counts them. In a park, at an event, at a concert, we will always be able to know how many people checked in. This could be a great tool to make our spaces more secure. Kuddos for Biometry Cloud! You can read the piece HERE (June 19th)

Can we just love this piece? Friends at Under30CEO published a piece titled “5 creative ways to raise money (without giving out equity) and one of them is…(drums)…Start-Up Chile! We are all about creativity and just ding things the way no one has ever done before, therefore we appreciate such a positive view on what we provide entrepreneurs with! Read the piece HERE (June 20th)

Kuddos for Club Point! This great team of entrepreneurs got featured by Pulso Social, and the piece keeps us updated about their ventures after their experience at Start-Up Chile. It keeps our heart warm to see great teams achieve success. Keep it up, Club Point! You can read the piece by Pulso Social HERE (June 1st)

We love it when suppers get some media attention even before they arrive in Chile. The Uruguayan press is generally very kind with Uruguayan entrepreneurs, as you can see by reading El Observador´s piece on ComparTevé, team of Uruguayan suppers joining our 4th round of entrepreneurs., a Mexican media outlet republished the story by El Observador: ComparTevé is THAT noisy! As you can see on their website, ComparTevé is ready to launch, so keep your eyes on them! (June 20th)

Go Klooff! The social network for pets got featured in a pretty long story by America Economía. Alejandro Russo, Chilean founder at Klooff, had a chance to talk about their participation at Start-Up Chile and he explained how the team totally worked against the clock so they could have their application ready in less than 5 months: “People wouldn´t believe it because we finished it so quickly.” Alejandro also told the story of how he became inspired to do something pet-related. “When I was a kid, I feared dogs, and they gave me one so I would overcome my fears (…) I realized you can build really special relationships with pets,” Alejandro told the reporters. Read the piece  HERE (June 18th)

Remember The Economist talked about Start-Up Chile a few days ago? Well, that still has everyone going crazy here in Chile-land. Matías Acevedo, one of the managers at Corfo, and Claudio Carnino, entrepreneur at Start-Up Chile, talked to Soledad Onetto about what is the country doing to help out entrepreneurs. Listen to it HERE

We kicked off the week with Social Meter being featured on LUN (June 17th), which we hope will give them great exposure and tons of users. Vulevú keeps being featured on mass media: their latest appearance was on Emol and you can read the piece HERE (June 17th)

Mi BuzzTV keeps making noise as well! Diario Financiero in Chile published about their latest acomplishments, such as being selected by ProChile among their beneficiaries. They will be traveling to Silicon Valley soon, probably relocating over there once their participation at Start-Up Chile is over. Read the piece HERE (June 18th)

Lincipit is gaining media attention as well. How could they not? Crowdfunding is being talked about everywhere in Chile, and the team at Lincitpit can proudly say they are the first Chilean team to come up with their own network for crowdfunding. Kuddos, Lincipit! Read about them at El Mercurio, HERE (June 18th)