Press highlights: What are we up to this week?


Business Insider took Startup Genome´s report on The 25 Best Ecosystems in the world, which ranks Santiago #12! Read their piece HERE (July 25th)

You can build your very own Angry Birds. Oh, yeah, you can! Or so says The Economist about E-pig Games. “DIY is hot” they say, because “DIY apps are free to create, with a subscription for continued support.” Read more about this, HERE (July 20th)

Julio Silva interviewed us from Arica, at the very north in Chile. Suppers Jorge del Carpio and Diego Espinoza shared their experiences with Julio, we hope to have many folks applying from Arica in the next application process! You can listen to the show at Radio Capissima HERE (July 18th)

Dorothy Sanders, Start-Up Chile participant and founder of Maptia, discusses new and exciting socially integrated map apps that are currently in development. Read it HERE! (July 18th)

La Republica conducted an interview with Jeff Thelen, co-founder of Edmond, a useful website which simplifies the complicated mess that is the world of finance. Edmond is helping make finance easy! Read it HERE! (July 18th, article in Spanish).

Empresa Exterior and I Love Chile highlighted the results of our fifth round of applications! With 1509 applications from 61 different countries, Start-Up Chile received more than double the applications of previous rounds. We’re happy to see Chile transforming into an innovation hub. Read the articles HERE (July 15, article in Spanish) and HERE! (July 17)

Rolling Stone is impressed with Start-Up Chile entrepreneur, Roberto Gluck‘s, application, The Social Radio. This new and innovative app allows users to tune in and listen to their social networks instead of having to read their Twitter timelines. Talk about convenient! Read it HERE! (July 13, article in Spanish)

Pulso Social did an interview with Diego Saez Gil, Start-Up Chile alumnus, about his start up, Wehostels, an online travel company focused in building social booking services for young travelers. As an entrepreneur, Diego has the right idea! His goal as an entrepreneur is “to return ten times what you get.” Read it HERE! (July 13, article in Spanish)

Michael Haddad and Alexandru Palade, two Start-Up Chile participants, are helping entrepreneurs far and wide! They will be teaching a course on advanced programming, specifically on the digital language, “Ruby on Rails and Python,” in Arica July 16-20. We’d like to give some love to Hackademy for making this event possible. Read it HERE! (July 13, article in Spanish)

Fayer Wayer was excited about Steve Wozniak’s visit to Start-Up Chile and the major impact Start-Up Chile is having on the country. Wozniak was really impressed with Start-Up Chile’s entrepreneurial initiatives and even recommended the program to his own children! Read it HERE! (July 12, article in Spanish)