Picket: the World’s First Social Ticket Network


Aiming to disrupt the way people buy tickets to and share content from live events, the team behind Picket has launched their beta version this week after having used Chile as a developmental platform for the last six months.

Picket, an iPhone and web application, was created in order to share the thrill of enjoying prime seating at a myriad of live events. With Picket, users can tag pictures from live concerts and sporting events with their seat number, location, and the artist or team thus showing the world the exact view one should expect upon choosing a certain seat in a certain venue. The application later reconnects fans to attractive events by offering discounted tickets directly from the venue to the user, avoiding the high mark-ups associated with secondary ticket markets.

Fans, after using the application, are ranked by their activity and then are rewarded with discounted tickets to the shows or games that fit their general areas of interest.  And when Picket users “fan” their favorite venues, bands, teams or other fans, they receive content that allows them “to be there without being there.”

“Sharing your experience from live events is something we all enjoy doing,” explains Jim Haas, Picket’s CEO. “Picket aggregates the content that is usually spread across multiple social networks, and turns it into something more useful for fans, venues, and friends. It’s simple: you share, you get rewarded. With Picket discounts, the objective is to attract more fans to live events and thus help venues sell more tickets.”

“We’re excited to have an app that’s user friendly but also venue, artist, and team friendly as well. The idea is to turn our shared social experiences into more real experiences.”

Picket will soon be available on the Apple App Store as well as universally available on the web. To sign-up for beta testing click here.