People Meter, you are so 90´s. SocialMeter TV will put you down!


Our friends at SocialMeter TV got published at La Segunda!*  Finally, the world will come to realize what a silly way to measure audiences´ engagement people meter is. Like Cristián Correa told the reporters, he and his team came up with the idea for SocialMeter TV when they realized that a show that had been widely commented on Twitter and Facebook got zero audience according to the measuring system based on people meter. “This can´t be possible”, Cristián said, and the idea of measuring audience´s engagement using social media tools began to take shape.

This could revolutionize the TV industry. We´ll definitely stay tuned.

*Actually, UPI released the information, if you take a close look at the author of the piece. UPI is a super-popular press agency among Chilean outlets. This means pretty much all reporters in the country heard about SocialMeter TV, and they will be published everywhere soon! That´s an insight at how the Chilean press works. Don´t tell anyone we told you about this, shhh!