Participants Partner to Inspire Innovation in Education

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Four months of participating in Start-Up Chile has lead three startups, compiled of entrepreneurs hailing from four countries, to partner together in hopes of inspiring digital education around the world– starting with Chile. The founders of Zuggi (Brazil), (Portugal), and AgentPiggy (Argentina + Ecuador) have begun piloting their educational package in elementary schools in Chile in order to promote digital educational tools and collaborative learning with the goal of expanding throughout Latin America.

The three products they offer as a package fully comply with the curriculum proposed by Chile’s MINEDUC (Ministerio de Educación) and are complimented by knowledge and abilities that the SIMCE (Sistema de Medición de la Calidad de de Educación) requires in the areas of mathematics and language all while incentivizing the children to learn socially and informally, developing their creative capacities.

According to AgentPiggy’s founder, Pablo Ambram, schoolchildren normally “use internet and computers in their schools and homes as purely entertainment mediums, but not as academic tools. We’re hoping to break that trend and show kids that they can use the internet to its maximum potential in order to gather knowledge.”

Currently, the three companies are participating in Chile’s Salon International de Educación (Oct. 6+7) to show how their products can be integrated into classrooms like they’ve already accomplished in a handfull of schools that use their services internationally.

Here, they share their experience piloting the package in Colegio Araucana in Puente Alto, a Santiagüan municipality: