Participants Launch Startup School

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This Tuesday, a group of Start-Up Chile participants lead by the multinational team behind Pick a Student and the local Chilean branch of AIESEC launched a Startup School that will benefit 37 students who do not have a formal education in business or economics– but who are interested in entrepreneurship.

The project will follow a 10-week training program aiming to inspire Chilean youth towards an entrepreneurial career and equip them with the necessary knowledge, tools, and networks to start their own business. Additionally, the program offers the participant a platform to build their professional network by meeting national and international entrepreneurs as well as a series of organizations who can further support them.

Start-Up Chile entrepreneurs who will be teaching courses include Jose Antonio Sanhueza (Homefood), Leslie Forman (Chebel), Niina Fu (Partner Management), Claudio Carnino (Challengein), Maritza Lanas and Pablo Ambram (AgentPiggy), Frederico Camara (Loveblip), and Ronaldo Bahia (JobConvo).

According to one of its founders, Alexandra Velescu, the idea was born when she and Pick a Student’s Norwegian founders read “the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor Report for Chile which states that an SME is on average 10 times less productive than a large company. Among other factors, the low SME productivity can be linked also to the limited entrepreneurial knowledge and skills developed by the formal education system.”

She adds that  “it’s this social need that we intend to address through the ‘StartUp School’.”

Participants Launch Startup School