Participants Launch Entrepreneurship Course in Northern Chile

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Start-Up Chile participants George Cadena (pictured, in the Atacama Desert) and Enrique Fernandez, co-founders of Aeterna Sol and Supplier Sync respectively, will be imparting the “De Emprendedores Para Emprendedores” (From Entrepreneurs for Entrepreneurs) course at the Antofagasta Campus of the Universidad Católica del Norte starting this year.

The purpose of the course, which has been entirely designed by Cadena and Fernández, is to give their students a real perspective of starting a business, give them the confidence to become entrepreneurs and face the fear, failure, difficulties and successes of entrepreneurship. The course will be taught in English, but will be translated in Spanish so all students will have the chance to understand what is being taught.

During the course, different entrepreneurs and company-founders will attend the classes to give the students useful, first-hand advice. Students will also have the opportunity to learn how to take an idea and turn it into a business model, to participate in real-life entrepreneurship activities and discussions about business ethics, learn about ways of publicizing their products, among others.

According to George, this is a perfect opportunity because of the large potential that the Antofagasta region has. “Antofagasta is a developing city. They are constructing a lot of malls, clubs, and even building new beaches. There is an opportunity for entrepreneurs to be part of the change. Mining companies are realizing they have to diversify their portfolio so there are a lot of opportunities for new businesses there”, Cadena says.

Although the course doesn’t have a defined starting date yet (it is slated to begin in April) it will last for 12 weeks with one, two hour-class per week.

George Cadena