Paolo Privitera and “Pick1” everywhere: winner at “Premio Citta’ d’Impresa” in Italy!


It has been a crazy-busy week for Paolo Privitera, creator and founder of Pick1 and part of our 3rd round of entrepreneurs. He got featured at a prominent newspaper back home, getting lots of attention as his Twitter account reflects. But that was just the beginning. You can yell “score!” now, because this supper won the 2012 version of Premio Cittá d-Impresa, and since then it has been a non-stop round of press inquiries for Paolo and his team. He got comments and congrats from peers and mentors including Renzo Rosso, and Paolo is – of course!- super excited about it!

On his feature at Torino-La Stampa, Paolo describes in detail his experience as a supper. Most of the info comes from a longer e-book he wrote about Chile and our program, which you can find here. Even the reporters were surprised with Paolo´s long, carefully written piece. His inspiration lasted enough to write about 30 pages!

Paolo is a charismatic, friendly, and extremely hardworking entrepreneur. Great things happens to great people.

Keep up the good karma, Paolo!