Paige, Tripeezy Arrives to Chile

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Arriving just past 7:30am, Paige, Founder of Tripeezy, touched down on Chilean soil as the third participating team in the Start-Up Chile program, and the first female entrepreneur to be approved.  Despite the early hour and lengthy flight, she looked like a million bucks and was eager to return to Chile after having done a foreign exchange at the Universidad Catolica and after having made several prior trips, one of which just happened to be during the massive earthquake in February of this year.

Paige Arrives to Chile, brings her company Tripeezy

Her company, Tripeezy, was created in 2009 and concentrates commercially on “customized web-based guides full of unique, local content rarely found in traditional travel guides for adventurous global destinations.”  She has already recruited a base of Santiagüan “gurus” to join her team and write about and review their favorite locales, giving a unique touch to the travel industry that, at times, can seem over-saturated.

It is a company that seems extremely fitting for her, as she is a travel aficionado who has lived in various German cities, participated in Semester at Sea,  and who has spent extensive time traveling throughout South America.  Armed with an MBA from Vanderbilt University and an already strong network of Southern Hemisphere contacts, she is positioned for success.

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