Overwhelmed with your Start-Up Chile application? Don´t desperate: 3 twitcams coming!


We are sure you heard about SUPBoat, Start-Up Chile´s boat traveling around the world helping entrepreneurs with their Start-Up Chile applications and answering whatever you need to ask. But what if SUPBoat isn´t stopping in your city? Never fear, friends: Start-Up Chile´s staff and entrepreneurs will host 3 Twitcams to answer all your questions about our application process. Make sure to join us!

We strongly recommend for you to read our Terms & Conditions, Guidelines, FAQs and Apply sections. Everything you need to know is in there. But if you are still feeling a little lost, join us in our Twitcams on:

– Thursday, September 27th, 16.30pm

– Tuesday, October 2nd, 16.30pm

– Thursday, October 4th, 16.30pm

Links to each Twitcam will be shared minutes prior the Twitcam via our Twitter account (@startupchile)

Remember, our application deadline is set up for October 8th. Don´t wait until the last minute! Get your questions answered ASAP and start working on that application right away!