Optopus liberalizes sunglasses design for customers


With the help of the online system of Optopus anybody can create their own, totally unique sunglasses. Users can customize their sunglasses according to their needs, and the company manufactures them with 3D printing technology. In order to revolutionize the optics market, the group intends to gather financial resources from its new Indiegogo campaign.


Although the need for personalized products is increasing, in most of the cases these are exclusively available to a relatively narrow stratum of society due to small production capacity and high prices. Sunglasses also belong to this category because for the time being there are limited opportunities for customizing certain products. The system of Optopus offers a solution to this problem: everyone can create their own sunglasses, easily, online. On the website users can design frames with unique shapes, different colours and lenses. Moreover, they can put any text they wish on their creation.
“In the course of creating our system we focused on making it easy to use, in order to enable everybody to design wearable sunglasses of high quality, without any designer or engineering background” – said Béla Kummer, co-founder of Optopus.
The sunglasses are manufactured with 3D printing technology, which makes it possible to create totally unique products of excellent quality, and still in a cost-efficient way.
Due to this production technology Optopus sunglasses are light, flexible and unbreakable, thus making them suitable for various purposes.
“We have been experimenting a lot with our prototypes until we managed to find a suitable substance for manufacturing. Our final choice was Polyamide 12, as based on its mechanical features this proved to be the most appropriate.” – argued Richárd Nagy, co-founder.
In order to further develop the service and expand manufacturing capacity, the group (currently taking part in the Start-Up Chile Program) intends to gather financial resources with the help of its new Indiegogo campaign. This way, in the summer of 2015 everybody could have the chance to proudly wear their products.
“Our aim with the campaign is to make a wide range of people acquainted with the potential involved in this service, and to accomplish our further development plans. I believe we will succeed.” – said Balázs Slezák, co-founder.

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For more information visit their website: www.optop.us
Link to their Indiegogo campaign: http://igg.me/at/optopus
Contact information:
Bela Kummer
E-mail: bela@optop.us
Mobile number:
+56950257842 (for Spanish speakers)