Get your war paint ready for the Start-Up Chile Demo Day!


The first Demo Day ever hosted in Chile is just 5 days away. Start-Up Chile entrepreneurs are getting excited and a bit nervous, we all are working extra hard to have the best Start-Up Chile Week, ever. We can´t wait for it to be May 23rd already and have all our friends at GAM ready to cheer for the 32 startups pitching on stage.

The press is getting pretty excited, too. You´ll see us around. So far, they have talked about us at  La Tercera, EmprenemJunts,  El ConfidencialRevista Poder y Negocios, La Segunda, Estrategia, and Diario Financiero. And we know there is plenty of more stories comming.

Be sure to keep in mind that, if you are a busy guy/gal and can´t attend the Demo Day during work hours, you can still attend the Start-Up Chile Demo Day big finale! We are giving the Demo Day a nice finishing touch with an inspiring meetup at Centro Cultural Amanda starting at 6.30 pm on Wednesday. Arne von Oosterom, from Design Thinking; and Jonathan Nelson, from Hackers & Founders, will be speakers at the Demo Day Meetup. A must-be-there event, for sure.

Get a detailed description of all the activities happening on May 23rd, HERE

Excitement is spreading like the flu at the Start-Up Chile offices. Are you ready for May 23rd?