ONE Change Passes Rolex Awards’ 1st Round

Projects & Participants

The team behind ONE Change, a startup specializing in sustainable planning for the management of natural emergencies that affect the built environment, has been selected out of 3,500 applicants to pass through the first Rolex Awards round. The award, having been established in 1976 to foster a spirit of individual enterprise around the world, provides each winner (there will only be 5) with US$100,000 for a new or ongoing project.

Oliverio Najmias, one of ONE Change’s founders, comments: “of over 3.500 applicants from around the world, the project I submitted  passed on to the next round– being a finalist is already an accomplishment.” The project submitted is denominated “Building Safer Communities” which is an NGO that focuses on natural disaster risk prevention and reducing harm on people through the interdisciplinary and sustainable planning of the built environment.

To garner the coveted award, the project must win over the “Rolex Laureates” who compile an independent panel of international specialists at the top of their fields, supported by a team of researchers who evaluate the following characteristics: “spirit of enterprise, originality, and potential impact.”

Only in 2012 will the five winners be announced during which time the ONE Change team will, according to Oliverio, “build a prototype house to inspire decision makers to let us replicate our experience in other vulnerable communities leaving a lasting legacy and contributing to the preventive treatment of natural disasters from within the community itself.”

If you like ONE Change’s proposition, join them on their facebook page and cheer them on in their quest to become Rolex Award winners!