On Wednesday, SUPBoat visits Santiago + Studio Pangea and “Big BANG” add live music to the evening!


Ready to get on the SUPBoat? It is Santiago´s time! Join us on our traditional Wednesday meetup for a special edition meant to help all those thinking of applying to Start-Up Chile. If you already checked out our Terms & Conditions and our Guidelines, you are ready to consider applying for a chance to live the Start-Up Chile experience! Make sure to visit us on Wednesday and let us know all your questions: we´ll help you out so you submit the best application possible. The special guests of this evening will be suppers who are happy to help you walk through the same process they experienced to become members of the Start-Up Chile family.Who´s better to answer your questions than those who did good through the application process? Join us, learn it all about Start-Up Chile´s application process for once and for all.

We have a special rockstar for this meetup. The Chilean startup Studio Pangea will join us so you can ask them everything you want regarding how did they make it to Start-Up Chile. By the end of the meetup they´ll launch the crowdfunding campaign for their latest project: “Big Bang”. “Big Bang” is an online game featuring traditional Chilean games, with traditional music. What´s really fun and different is that, as the name suggests, “Big Bang” is all about the universe, so the music used for this game is a mixture of Chilean traditional music, the “cueca”, with sounds recreating the feeling and colors of the universe. How creative! Studio Pangea will bring LIVE MUSIC to this meetup: the same musicians helping them create the music for their games will come to this meetup to inspire you. You can join Studio Pangea crowdfunding campaign on Idea.me  and you can learn it all about Start-Up Chile´s application process on the same day! Now that´s a deal, isn´t it?

See you on Wednesday!

What? Start-Up Chile´s SUPBoat + Studio Pangea launching their crowdfunding campaign for “Big Bang” with live music

When? Wednesday, September 26th, 6.30pm

Where? CMI, Providencia 229. Sign up HERE

Picky and not convinced? Watch the video below to get hitched. You won´t be able to say no to “Big Bang”, trust us.