Ocean-side Pitching in Viña del Mar + Valparaíso

Chilean Scene, Projects & Participants

On July 1st, a group of Start-Up Chile entrepreneurs traveled one hour west of Santiago, Chile’s capital, to Viña del Mar and Valparaíso for a day of pitches and events with local entrepreneurship and innovation centers.

The startups (Ability, Tecla Colorida, StartBull, Ethonova, SQMOS, and Leafer) first visited the DUOC University where they presented the Start-Up Chile program and their individual projects in order to attract some of the students in the audience to come work for them. Bipin, the founder of Ability, lauded the meeting saying that “it was truly productive to connect with the University and its personnel– I hope this partnership continues to grow more productive.”

After lunch on the beach– Viña del Mar and Valparaíso are known for their eclectic ocean-side atmospheres (and growing entrepreneurship community)- they met with the incubator housed in the Universidad Tecnica Federico Santa Maria, one of Chile’s best engineering schools. The incubator, 3iE, currently has 32 startups incubating in their facilities and are looking to expand into the Start-Up Chile group. There, the Start-Up Chile entrepreneurs pitched to the incubators’ administrators in hopes of garnering a space in their institute.

Interested in becoming part of this community? The next application process will open on July 11th– be part of it!