Obsorb: Corporate Mobile Apps for Client Updates

Projects & Participants

21 years old and already the founder of three companies, Marshall Haas, a native of Dallas, Texas, is a motorcycle fanatic with a background in architecture and a soft, yet not so secret, spot for Chilean street dogs.

After having founded, in 2008, AllRendered, an architectural rendering outsourcing service, he came up with the notion to create his current startup Obsorb, with which he applied to Start-Up Chile. Obsorb, according to Marshall, is a “self serve platform that allows businesses to create and manage their own branded web and mobile apps for keeping their clients updated on the work they are doing for them.”

Inspired by the launch of the first version iPad, he saw, while observing his mother’s company, that the device had the potential be used as a tool to provide better customer experience. The idea was that each customer could log-in to an iPad application for the company and see the progress that was being made on the contracted projects. Thus, Obsorb was born.

He adds, “Obsorb is going quite well. I’ve met some amazing designers and developers here in Chile that I’ve started working with… we’re full steam ahead. It’s been really great being one of the youngest guys in Start-Up Chile since there’s a lot of wisdom for me to absorb. I’ve always had older friends so I’ve felt right at home.”

To stay up to date on Marshall’s advances with Obsorb, follow him on Twitter: @MarshallHaas.