O-Day for next batch of SUPpers!

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Yesterday Generation 17 of SUP’s Seed program were welcomed by the SUP Community at Universidad San Sebastian in Santiago, Chile. The new arrivals were chosen out of over 1300 startups who applied to partake in the first generation of 2017. Special thanks to our amazing sponsors Microsoft, United, Tax Global and Wom.


Executive Director Rocio Fonseca welcomed the 86 founding teams from over 33 countries to Chile and the program,

‘You are not alone in this program, in this program we are not building walls, we are bringing a small part of the world to Santiago’.

Each Start-Up Chile Director and their teams introduced their departments, goals and shared objectives to the group. Start-Up Chile’s opening acceleration methodology was explained as well as insights into how to address your startups communications, design and how to leverage your SUP networks.

The Orientation Day included a short introduction from each of the entrepreneurs where they revealed a special talent or insight about themselves. Talents and secrets were diverse across cultures, many revealed a penchant for football, spicy food and dancing. Others had a love of cats, surfing and some revealed their other occupations such as electronic music djs and professional weightlifters.

The group were spoken to by SUP Alumni, Andrei Fuentes and Gaspar Espejo. Espejo is co-founder of Waya Research. Andrei is a software developer, cofounder and CTO of PARSO, a provider of software solutions. He noted that this was an important opportunity to be involved and take responsibility, before highlighting

‘The true value of this program lies within the community.’

The fields of startups range across 15 industries, including education, healthcare, communication and financial technologies. Founding teams will receive CLP 20,000,000 million pesos, a working visa for one year, a soft landing and access to one of the largest startup communities in the world.

Our 100 startups are travelling from all corners of the globe, however the most represented country is Chile with 26% of accepted applicants. U.S.A represents 18%, Brazil 11%, Argentina 8%, and India 6%.

Our most represented industry is Information and Communication technologies which is 17% of the cohort. Followed by Health 12%, Education 10% and FinTech 6%.

This generation 22% of our founders are Female and 78% are Men. This is the highest percentage of Female Founders to partake in the Seed program.

Entrepreneurs will live and work in Santiago for at least the next 6 months. Their experience begins this week with a series of events to get them acquainted with Santiago and the existing SUP community.

At the completion of their time in Santiago, entrepreneurs will have the opportunity to apply for follow-on funding through SUP’s Scale program. The program offers CLP 60,000,000 million pesos to companies that are incorporated in Chile and have gained significant traction in their markets.

Anne-Marie Morrell | @annemarie_sling